Pump Solutions Australasia Introduces the Grundfos ALPHA2

Pump Solutions Australasia, is proud to announce that we have added a new member to our family of high quality pumps in Australia: the Grundfos ALPHA2. The ALPHA2 is a small circulator pump that is designed for circulating water and other liquid through a heating system. We will tell you more about the ALPHA2 in a moment, but the thing we like the most about it is its AUTOADAPT control mode.

With the AUTOADAPT feature, all you have to do is install the pump and just leave it adjusted to the factory setting. The pump then analyses the heating system, and determines the best settings for optimum performance. When the demands on the pump change, so do the settings. The Grundfos ALPHA2 does all of the work, and all of the “worrying.” You will never again have to wonder whether your pump is on the correct setting during a change of season or on especially high-demand situation.

The ALPHA2 has other uses besides heating systems, too. It can be used for the hot water in your house. It can be used for systems which have constant or varying flows where the pump duty point needs to be optimised. It can also be used where there are varying flow-pipe temperatures, or where night setback is mandatory.

The ALPHA2 also has some nice features and benefits that make it a great little pump. It is compact and has the control box integrated within the pump head. It has integrated differential pressure control, high starting torque, low noise, automatic night setback, and an integrated frequency converter. The pump housing is self-venting, and has a display showing how many watts of power the pump is consuming.

Typically, a pump in a heating system has to run at one continuous speed, all day and all night. With the AUTOADAPT control, the ALPHA2 runs at variable speeds, according to the demand of your system. A lot like the thermostat of your heating system, the ALPHA2 keeps your house comfortable, while helping to save a lot on electricity. Because of the ALPHA2’s efficiency, it also reduces CO2 emissions.

The ALPHA2 has been given an A rating for energy efficiency. It is very reliable, while giving you a claim to environmental responsibility. All you have to do is set it to the default setting, sit back, and trust the ALPHA2 to produce the perfect amount of water flow for the heating system’s energy demands. Saving money and environmental responsibility have never been so easy.

By the numbers, the ALPHA2 can cut up to 10% off of the standard energy bill. The ALPHA2 was designed in Europe as part of the Energy+ Pumps project, which was created to promote the use and development of high-efficient circulation pumps. The ALPHA2 was created in 2007, and in 2008, it won the 2008 Energy+ Pumps award for “Best Energy-efficient Circulator” in two out of three water flow categories.

This pump is extremely reliable. Any pump that works in a climate as extreme as that of Europe is more than reliable enough to handle Australia’s climate. We don’t have nearly the bitter cold that the Northern Europe countries have, so our heating systems won’t put nearly as much of a strain on the ALPHA2.

Really, there is a lot to like about the ALPHA2 circulator. It will save you money, save you wear and tear on your heating system, and perform reliably, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Meanwhile, you don’t even have to look at the pump after you install it and put it on the factory setting. You never have to worry about anything. The ALPHA2 is truly a “set it and forget it” solution to your water circulation needs.

Grundfos was founded in Denmark in 1945. They made their first pump in 1946. In 1949, they exported their first pump. They started global expansion in 1953, and created their first circulator pump in 1959. In 1960, they made their first pump outside of Denmark. They developed their own production machines in 1964, giving them full control of everything with their name on it.

In 1978, they made the first modern advance in circulator pumps when they created a pump in which the motor and pump were totally separate units. This kept the motor dry, and it was cooled by air instead of water. This allowed the pumps to be used for both heating and cooling, and for liquids other than water.

In 1991, Grundfos invented the first circulator with a built-in frequency converter. It also created the first “intelligent” pump that year. Grundfos has been responsible for other innovations, too numerous to cite here.

The bottom line is that Grundfos makes great pump products, and we are proud to carry it. Browse our website to see a wide range of reliable and efficient pumps and filters for industrial, commercial or residential purposes.