Pump Solutions Australasia: More than Just Selling Pumps

At Pump Solutions Australasia, we take our name seriously. We don’t just sell pumps; we provide solutions. From the smallest submersible pump to a multi-million dollar wastewater treatment facility, we provide entire pump systems.

We work with manufacturers such as Lowara, Speck, Becker, Fluid-o-Tech, Flojet, Grundfos, Tsurumi, Ran and Verderflex to provide you with the best pumps from around the world.

Humble Beginnings

Pumps Provider in Australia

We were established in 1990 by a migrant German engineer. We were called Pumps and Services Australia. We specialised in engineered vacuum systems and pioneered the first automated vacuum system for transporting fish at the Geraldton Fish Market. We developed vacuum and hydraulic solutions for major operations both in Australia and overseas, in industries such as mining, wastewater and manufacturing.

In 2000, we decided to expand and began importing pumps from countries such as Germany and Italy. We are now among Australia’s leaders in supply, service and installation of the finest pumps and systems from around the world.

We pride ourselves in integrity, diligence and the most professional, motivated and educated customer service crew in the business. We find our combination of sales, service and supply makes us leaders in providing pump solutions for residential, business and governmental interests in Australia.

We Repair All Pumps

We have a full service pump repair and service workshop in Wangara. We repair and service any pump, any brand, from the largest to the smallest. Not only can we do the work in our facility, we can also send a mobile crew out to your business if your system is too large or too inconvenient to transport.

We Service Pumps and Systems

All pumping equipment that has a steady work cycle should be serviced on a regular cycle, too. We can schedule a regular maintenance program for you that will keep everything running and help prevent downtime. Downtime can cost you thousands of dollars.

Having your pumps and systems serviced or maintained on a regular basis can not only reduce downtime, but add to the life cycle of your pump. Another benefit to regular service: we often find small problems and fix them before they become big problems. Sometimes, we find a pump that needs replacement before it has become a problem. This can save thousands of dollars, too.

Spare Parts

We network and do business with every quality pump supplier in the world. We obtain spare parts from Australian companies and from overseas companies. If a spare part is available, we can find it for you faster than anyone in the business. Like regular service, swapping out old parts for new can save you downtime and make your equipment last longer.

Best Support Network in Australia

Are you tired of doing business with companies that treat you great until they have made the sale, only to leave you high and dry when you need support on your purchase? So are we. It is our “pet peeve” in the business.

And that is why we provide the best after-purchase support in the business. Everyone who works with us is extremely professional and focused towards providing solutions for our customers. It gets back to our name. We don’t just sell pumps; we provide solutions.

We have worked with experienced project managers and we have worked with managers who know absolutely nothing about pumps. No matter what your needs or what your level of expertise, we provide solutions for your problems. It’s that simple.

If we don’t know how to solve your problem, we have access to a network of specialists from nearly every pump manufacturer in the world. Some have dedicated personnel to help with large projects.

Call Pump Solutions Australasia Today

Whether you need a submersible sump pump to move water out of a flooded room or you are building a wastewater plant, we can provide your solution. We have worked with the wastewater, mining, industrial, manufacturing, hospitality, medical, science and construction industries to provide pump solutions for a number of projects. Whatever you need, we have it.

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