RAN Stainless Steel Body Pump

RAN Pump is a relative newcomer to the “club” of elite international pump manufacturers, but they have done a great job in their short tenure. RAN Pump is one of the most respected manufacturers of air operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps in the world.

RAN Pump - Stainless Steel Body

They are located in Turkey, but have recently opened an office in Indonesia. 90% of their components are manufactured “in house” at their own facility, which measures 1500 m2. They keep as much as possible in house because it is the best way for them to have ultimate control over the quality of their products.

While RAN Pump makes great products, they also have built a reputation for keeping their prices down. While they don’t make “cheap pumps,” they do charge less money for their pumps than some manufacturers of lesser quality do for theirs. It isn’t often that one of the elite pump manufacturers is perceived as a great “bargain,” but RAN Pump manages to offer what may be the best combination of high quality and low price in the world.

RAN Pump B Series Stainless Steel Pumps

RAN Pump offers a 12.7 mm Stainless Steel Body AODD Pump. It has a maximum capacity of 60 lpm. The inlet and outlet for fluids is ½ inch. The maximum working pressure is 7 bar. The housing material is made of stainless steel. The diaphragm, valve ball and valve seat are all made of PTFE.

The B Series also features a lube-free air valve system for stability, full stroke modified and moulded diaphragms and a body built for durability. The finish is as high quality as the materials.

It is designed to be able to handle slurries and sludges with high levels of solid content. They can also be used for highly viscous liquids and even for aggressive materials.

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