Speck Pumps: High Performance Since 1909.

Speck Pumps, also known as Speck Pumpen, are located in Roth, Germany. They were founded in 1909 by Daniel Speck and his five sons. They are an international giant who manufacture a large variety of high-quality pumps, including: heat transfer pumps, liquid ring pumps, centrifugal pumps, boiler feed pumps and submersible side channel pumps.

They also have the status of being an OEM supplier for many applications and have developed a spotless reputation for developing numerous high-quality industry-specific products in the manufacturing sector. We carry their liquid ring vacuum pumps and their centrifugal water pumps, but we are always happy to obtain some of their other varieties of pump for those who need them.

Speck Pumps: High Performance Since 1909.

There are two basic configurations of vacuum pumps: close coupled and long coupled, which are also called “base plate.” Speck Pumpen manufacturers a wide range of pumps in different sizes ranging from 0.12kw-2.2 m3/hr to 45kw-1600m3/hour. Speck Pumpen manufactures most of their pumps in stainless steel, cast iron or brass. They will custom design pumps in any combination of those materials.

Their two-stage pumps can produce up to 33 mbar in vacuum levels with some of their single stage pumps reaching that level. Some of their pumps can transport liquid up to 350 degrees at rates of 100 m3/hr. They also offer differential head capacities in ranges as high as 100 m.

Conventional Speck pumps are built with mechanical seals, but they are also available in sealless versions with magnetic drives. Their smaller pumps are usually peripheral vane pumps, operating at low flow while delivering high head capacities. Conventional impeller pumps are usually used for higher volumes, while heat transfer is usually handled by vertical spindle pumps.

Speck Pumpen also offers side channel pumps which have become the pumps of choice for applications requiring high head and as boiler feed pumps.

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