Submersible Pumps: An Overview

Submersible pumps are very popular for home use, but also have a host of industry applications. A submersible pump is so named because it can be submersed in fluids. The electric-powered motor is inside of a hermetically sealed casing that keeps fluids from touching either the motor or the electrical cord.

Submersible pumps are seen as more efficient than jet pumps which are often used for similar applications because they push water instead of pulling it. Because they are submerged in fluid, they are self-priming. A sensor is used to detect fluids, turning the pump on when they are detected and off when they are not present.

Overview Of Submersible Pumps

Because the pump mechanism is sealed, there is no chance of contamination of the parts. This ensures durability and consistency. In addition, submersible pumps push the water in a chamber alongside the motor assembly. They are also self-cooling, and because the impeller directly moves the water, there is virtually no wasted energy.

Applications for Submersible Pumps

We carry a line of portable submersible pumps that are great for home use, but we carry a full range that are used in many different applications. They can be used for drainage, slurry pumping, general industrial pumping and sewage pumping. They are the pump of choice for filtering ponds.

Submersible pumps are also popular for wells, from residential water wells to industrial oil wells. They can also be found in seawater transport facilities, sewage treatment plants, deep well drilling, mine dewatering, offshore rigs, artificial lifts and irrigation systems.

When using them for combustible liquids, care must be taken that a submersible pump is designed for handling them properly.

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