Becker Vacuum Pumps

Becker is one of the oldest and most trusted names in the world and Becker pumps are some of the most popular pumps used today. They were founded in Germany in 1885 by brothers Otto and Robert Becker. In 1915. Otto’s son, also named Otto, would join the company in the Research and Development department. He would create and patent numerous ground-breaking products in vacuum and pneumatic systems.

By 1985, 100 years after their beginning, Becker Pumps were the worldwide leader in vacuum and pneumatic technology.

Fast forward to 2016. They have offices and facilities in Germany, the US and Australia. They are world-renowned for their rotary vane vacuum pumps. That is why we carry Becker Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps.

Becker Pumps: Varieties of Vacuum Pumps

Becker Vacuum PumpsThe combined series consists of 100% oil-free vacuum pumps with pressure and vacuum regulators included. They are engineered to be quiet and to require only minimal maintenance. They are direct drive pumps and each port has a separate inlet filter. They are available in Oil Free, Oil Free Series X and Oil Free Side Channel.

The Oil Flooded series has a high efficiency compact direct drive designed for quiet operation. It is 99.9% efficient. The Oil-less series is 100% oil-less. It features cool, quiet operation and long vane life. It is a continuous duty pump with minimal maintenance with direct drive vacuum regulators and discharge silencers included.

The Variair series has a unique and patented intelligent variable speed controller. It has a 2-1 flow ratio, extended vane life, quiet operation and minimal maintenance. It maintains a constant pressure.

Looking for Becker Pumps?

No pump is too large or small for us to find. From a tiny pump for coffee machines to giant pumping systems for wastewater and mining operations, we import the best pumps from around the world to make sure you get the best possible equipment for your operation.

We know downtime can cost any operation a lot of money, so we make sure to only carry pumps that have a reputation for consistency and a track record of high performance.

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Why Becker Vacuum Pumps are so Popular in the Printing Industry

At Pump Solutions Australasia, we go out of our way to ensure that we carry the finest pumps in the world. We import pumps from all over the world and are the sole distributors for some brands. When it comes to vacuum pumps or rotary vane pumps built as vacuum pumps, one of the finest names in the industry is Becker.

The printing industry is one of Becker’s specialties. Becker makes vacuum pumps for all stages of printing, including pre-press, printing, paper finishing and special equipment for printing.

Becker Vacuum Pumps are so Popular in the Printing Industry


Becker vacuum pumps hold repros down tightly during exposure. They can also be used to clamp down printing plates for the process of laser engraving. They can also handle printing plates during discharge and can remove dust during the CTP process.


The Becker Variair system is considered state of the art for helping printing operations achieve short changeover times and high printing speeds. As you may have guessed from the name, Variair controls the flow of air depending upon whatever is required at the moment. This removes the need for valve systems, which can be fault-prone due to elaborate design.

You can use the control panel of the printing machine to operate the Variair system, but it is also compatible with most of the popular bus interfaces.

Paper Finishing

Becker vacuum pumps and compressors can help in literally every phase of paper finishing, such as punching, cutting, folding, stapling, collating, laminating and bookbinding. Becker vacuum pumps are built to provide high performance with low maintenance, while avoiding defects and downtime.

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Becker Vacuum Pumps: Keeping the Medical Industry Healthy

Becker vacuum pumps are manufactured in Germany, at their facilities in Apolda and Wuppertal. Becker is one of the oldest pump manufacturers in the world; they were established in 130 years ago in 1885. They are now known around the world, with 15 international subsidiaries and distribution in 24 countries.

Why Becker Vacuum Pumps are So Popular in the Medical Industry

In the medical industry, it is important for all equipment to be sanitary, reliable, precise and dependable. Pumps must provide high performance every day of every year, over and over. Currently, more than 2,000 medical clinics across the globe use Becker vacuum pumps for their central suction units.

Vacuum Pumps For Medical Industry

Becker has provided the medical industry with an important innovation: vacuum units that are 100% oil-free. This makes them extremely safe and effective for many clinical outpatient treatment applications. Becker vacuum pumps are fully compliant with one of the toughest medical standards in the world: Australian Standard AS 2896-1998 Medical Gas Systems.

Becker is an innovator and pioneer in developing oil-free pumps for medical applications. Their vacuum pumps are virtually maintenance-free and set the industry standard for dependability. In the US, which has standards almost as high as ours and they are known for demanding the “best value for their money,” Becker dry-running vacuum pumps have captured a 90% market share.

Becker Pumps: Three Basic Designs

Becker makes three varieties of pumps. The first, vacuum pumps, are manufactured in the form of rotary dry vane pumps and are some of the most widely-used pumps in Australia. Not only can they be used as oil-free vacuum pumps, they can also be used as compressors or combinations where both a compressor and a vacuum pump are needed.

Becker also makes side channel pumps. These are used as vacuum pumps but can also be used as blowers. For applications outside the medical industry where higher vacuum is required, Becker manufactures rotary oil vane pumps.

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