Tips for Choosing the Right Lubricant for Your Pump

Right Pump Lubricant for PumpsIf you own any kind of water or fluid pump, then of course, you have a specific purpose for it. So, whether you have peristaltic or slurry, centrifugal pumps used here in Australia, you want to make sure that they perform the best they can to accomplish your goal.

An important component that makes sure that your pump does run correctly is the lubricant. However, trying to find the right lubricant for your specific pump can sometimes be tricky as they may differ greatly depending on the application or style of pump.

Potential Chemical Reactions

The first thing to keep in mind when choosing the right lubricant for your pump is the product that you are using the pump for in the first place. Water is usually pretty versatile and most lubricants can work with it but if you are transporting other fluids, you should check the lubricant before you commit to it. Some chemicals can have a reaction with certain lubricants and that could cause a problem for the system as a whole. Lubricants should be specified by the manufacturer and adhering to their recommended lubricants is strongly advised.

It is important to make sure that there are no external leaks which may contaminate the environment. If there is a risk of contamination, steps should be taken to prevent any further leakage and contamination of the environment, and that all traces of leakage are cleaned up and disposed of correctly.

The Pump’s Goal

Another thing you want to consider is the purpose and design of the pump. Some pumps, such as those that move slurry are under heavier loads or pumps that operate at extreme pressures require suitably appropriate lubricants. The design and force of the pump are important factors for determining which would be best suited for your unit.

The Right Lubricant

It doesn’t matter what type of pump you own; lubricants are important. You want to make sure that your materials are pumped efficiently and using the correct lubricant for your specific pump will help do just that. Check the environment and beware of potential reactions.

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