The Best Way to Transport Industrial Liquids? Definitely Slurry Pumps!

If you’re trying to transport any heavy liquid, a slurry pump is often the best choice. Slurry pumps use centrifugal force to increase the pressure of slurry, or a liquefied heavy solid. By converting electrical energy into potential and kinetic energy, the machine can easily transport heavy concentrations of various materials. Slurry pumps are normally much heavier, robust pumps and operate at slower speeds than standard centrifugal water pumps.

Slurry PumpsThis technique makes slurry pumps a good choice for transporting industrial metals such as gold, silver, tin, iron ore, copper, titanium, lead, steel, and coal. Slurry pumps are also very useful for other industries and their byproducts such as for transporting concrete, sand and gravel, and agricultural products.

We carry a number of different types of slurry pumps, all of which are submersible pumps. These include the HSD, KTV, KRS, NKZ, GPN, and GSZ-6 series.

The HSD is a smaller sized slurry pump. The major components of the motor are composed of a durable metal designed for greater use over time when the pump handles corrosive materials found in concrete or similar mediums. It also sports a stronger motor, which provides extra power in its output for usage in conditions that need such power.

The KTV-series is also condensed and lightweight. The semi-vortex pump design reduces the fear of startup complications caused by blockage. An agitator is installed to assist in keeping the solids in suspension making the pump more effective when pumping slurries. The top discharge design allows the overall size of the pump to be reduced for use in tighter spaces. The KRS-series is similar, but larger versions which are also more powerful.

Designed more so to move sand and similar supplies, the NKZ-series pump has a spiraled design and an extra component mounted on the shaft for even suction of mud, sand, or slurry. It also has a protective water jacket, wrapped around the casing which allows the pump to operate at low water levels for lengthy periods of time. The GPN series is also similar, but those pumps are made of more durable abrasion resistant materials. The GSZ-6 series expands on that, being more powerful as well as slower running, which makes for a longer overall machine life.

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