The Eight Types of Gland Packing

For many water pumps gland packing is used to prevent any leakage from the shaft of the pump.

However, the question becomes: “Which type of packing should you use for any given type of pump?” Well, there are eight main types of gland packing that we carry and each should be used in different situations.

The first kind is the Style 99 and is a good multi-purpose packer. It can be used with almost any type of quality pump and has a relatively wide pH range to suit a variety of conditions.

The Style 99H hollow core is similar in design, however, it has the ability to flex more. When compressed, it can return mostly to its original shape and it can withstand more movement and vibrations.

For pumps that run with high speed or under high pressure, the Style 9001B packing is the kind to choose. It is specifically designed to withstand extreme conditions and is best suited for pumps that do the same.

When it comes to chemical applications, few get the job done like the Style 33 packing. This kind has high pH resistance, meaning that normally corrosive chemicals will have little effect on it.

The Style 9001C is designed for valve packing and with equipment that normally operate under high temperatures and pressure, such as steam valves. It is more resilient than some of the other kinds.

The next type of packing materials are moulds that work in conjunction with gland packing. It enhances the qualities of the packing to ensure fully that no leaks occur. While not essential, they are still extremely effective.

The Style 77HS mould works with the Style 99 series and is resistant to abrasion from materials like slurry. The Style 77HT is for high temperatures. Finally, the SS77SP mould is meant to be specifically used with Style 33 for more corrosive conditions.

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