Top Uses for Rotary Vane Pumps

There are many different industries that require the power of pumps to get the job done. Similarly, there are also many different kinds of pumps that are able to perform a variety of functions. The rotary vane pump is one of these kinds of pumps that are useful in many situations and are used by professionals in varying fields. These pumps, which operate on a system of positive-displacement, are most commonly used in the automotive and commercial, and industrial industries in Perth.

What They Are

Uses for Rotary Vane PumpsRotary vane pumps use positive displacement to move the medium that passes through a pump housing. Inside the pump are a set of vanes that are slotted into rotating rotor which rotates inside the pump housing or otherwise known as the cylinder or barrel. The rotor is normally offset from the centre of the pump housing or cylinder causing eccentricity. When the rotor spins, the vanes are forced to slide in and out the slotted rotor with centrifugal force or could be assisted with push rods or springs. The vanes then seal on the pump housing creating vane chambers. On the intake side of the pump, the vane chambers are increasing in volume. These increasing volume vane chambers are filled with fluid forced in by the inlet pressure. Inlet pressure is actually the pressure from the system being pumped, often just the atmosphere. On the discharge side of the pump, the vane chambers are decreasing in volume, forcing fluid out of the pump. The action of the vane drives out the same volume of fluid with each rotation. Because the vanes can be of any given length & varying depth, it makes rotary vane pumps versatile in size and thus versatile in pumping volume. This makes this type of pump useful in many different fields because it can be crafted in such a way to fit the intended usage.

Top Uses

The industry that uses rotary vane pumps the most is the automotive field. A few different parts of the automobile utilise this type of pump, including braking, power steering, automatic transmission and supercharging. Even some other types of vehicles, including airplanes use rotary vane pumps in their systems.

Other uses for this type of pump include espresso and soft drink dispensing machines and some air conditioning units. Because the rotary vane pump is a type of vacuum pump, it also has applications in industrial and laboratory settings. Gas, oil and water are the most commonly pumped fluids in these cases.

The Rotary Vane Club

Rotary vane pumps are some of the most useful pumps to be used in the automotive and industrial settings. By using internal components of varying sizes, they are able to be used in automobiles of all sizes, drink dispensers and oil and laboratory settings.

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