Fluid-o-Tech 4000 Series Pumps

The Fluid-o-Tech 4000 series consists of rotary vane pumps made of stainless steel. They feature the patented Fluid-o-Tech Rotoflow technology. The 4000 Series pumps are the largest Rotoflow pumps available from Fluid-o-Tech.

They are available in seven different levels of displacement. The rotor, the pump housing and all metal components are made of AISI 303 stainless steel. The vanes and the pumping chamber are made of high impact carbon graphite.

Fluid-o-Tech Pumps - 4000 Series

When carbon graphite combines with stainless steel, it is self-lubricating. This not only makes the pump extremely efficient, it also makes it great for water-based solutions.

The 4000 series pumps have female-threaded 1” NPT inlet and outlet ports. GAS ports are available upon request. They are available with Vitron or NBR seals. The maximum operating temperature is 70 degrees. The maximum motor speed is 1725 rpm. The maximum system pressure is 20 bar.

When operating at 1450 rpm, 4000 series pumps produce nominal flow rates starting at a low of 1000 l/h to a high of 2300 l/h. When operating at maximum speed, or 1725 rpm, they produce approximately 20% more output, maxing out at 2700 l/h.

4000 Series pumps can be mounted to M80, M90 IEC motors or they can also be mounted to NEMA 56C motors. You will need the correct adapters and the coupling has to be appropriate.

All pumps in the 4000 Series run quietly, are self-priming, have pulsation free flow and have a long service life.

Who are Fluid-o-Tech Pumps?

Fluid-o-Tech are an Italian company that makes positive displacement pumps designed for metering, dosing, pressurisation and transfer of a wide variety of fluids for a wide variety of industries. Their pumps are used in the automotive, food & beverage, industrial and medical industries. They can be used to transport fluids when precise delivery and sanitation are of the utmost importance.

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Why We Trust Fluid-o-Tech Gear Pumps

Fluid-o-Tech gear pumps are among the most trusted pumps in the world. Fluid-o-Tech was established in Italy in 1948 and they are currently based in Milano. Fluid-o-Tech has created a global market for their high-quality pumps, along with an international network of distributors. We began importing Fluid-o-Tech pumps in 1992 and are now the Australian importers for Fluid-o-Tech products.

Besides importing Fluid-o-Tech pumps, we also provide service and repair on all of their products. Fluid-o-Tech pumps are most common for coffee machines, steam generators, reverse osmosis and water circulation, but they are used for a wide range of other applications, too.

Fluid-o-Tech is best known for their rotary vane pumps, which offer a maximum head of 18 bar. Because they are positive displacement pumps, they are able to maintain flow rates in the highest ranges.

Most Fluid-o-Tech pumps are made of brass, but if you need to pump more aggressive fluids, we can provide them in stainless steel. Fluid-o-Tech pumps are available in a wide range of flow rates, from 36 LPH (litres per hour) to 2100 LPH. Fluid-o-Tech pumps can be adjusted for custom flow rates by creative configuration of a filter, relief valve and/or pressure regulator.

Fluid-o-Tech Gear Pumps

Why We Trust Fluid-o-Tech Pumps

One of the most popular Fluid-o-Tech pumps is the MG series gear pump. They are small volume pumps that produce high pressure with magnetic drives usually consisting of high-speed, brushless electric motors. They can also be controlled by your personal computer. Depending upon their applications, they can be equipped with PTFE gears or Peek gears. They offer flow rates from 30 LPH to 90 LPH.

Fluid-o-Tech also manufactures oscillating pumps for food and beverage applications, such as maple syrup or coffee, in precise quantities. Their FPP or fluid proportioning pump is used to provide the utmost in precision for mixing chemicals or food products.

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Why Rotary Vane Pumps are Essential for Espresso

At Pump Solutions Australasia, we carry Rotoflow rotary vane pumps. They are made by Fluid-o-Tech, a world-renowned company that was founded in Italy in 1976.

A rotary vane pump is classified as a positive displacement pump. It contains vanes mounted to a rotor inside of a cavity. The basic design is one circular rotor mounted inside of one circular cavity. The circles can be concentric or they can be offset. The vanes slide out and keep contact with the cavity wall due to centrifugal force. This creates an inlet chamber and a discharge chamber, with fluid flowing from the inlet chamber to the discharge chamber.

Why Rotary Vane Pumps are Essential for Espresso

Besides espresso, rotary vane pumps are used for applications such as hydraulic pumps. In addition, your car or truck may have rotary vane pumps for your automatic transmission, power steering and supercharging units.

Why Rotary Vane Pumps are Popular for Espresso Machines

While they are occasionally used for espresso systems that have reservoirs or reserve tanks, rotary vane pumps are usually used for espresso machines that have a direct connection to a water line. One of the main advantages of rotary vane pumps is that they are nearly silent. Vibration pumps can be noisy and detract from the atmosphere of a restaurant or coffee shop. Rotary vane pumps are preferred in high-quality food and beverage operations.

When a rotary vane pump is engaged, the pressure is almost instant. Other pumps can take a minute or two to “ramp up,” wasting valuable service time. Rotary vane pumps are lower maintenance than many pumps because the motor is separate from the pump. This causes less downtime and less chance for a sanitation hazard.

The other big advantage that usually sways restaurant owners and those who manufacture espresso units: rotary vane pumps have a larger capacity than other pumps used for espresso machines. They can pump hundreds of dollars more worth of espresso each day. This can turn a “break even” proposition into a huge moneymaker.

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How to Select the Right Oil for Your Rotary Vane Pump

Rotary vane vacuum pumps require the right oil to function at maximum capacity. The wrong oil can damage even the best pump. Consequently, it is important to select the correct oil for any pump.

At Pump Solutions Australasia, we carry Becker Rotary Vane Pumps and can recommend the correct oil by model number. For those who don’t have a Becker pump or for those who would like information now, here is a quick guide to selecting the right oil.


Oil for any rotary vane pump has to meet some pretty high standards. Even at high temperatures, it must have low vapour pressure. It must have superb lubricating qualities and low back flow. It must be resistant to ageing due to demanding usage characteristics. It must also have minimum oxidation and be resistant to chemical breakdown.

Rotary Vane Pump Oil B

Pump oil B has low vapour pressure and an excellent viscosity rating. It also has great resistance to chemical breakdown and oxidation. It is appropriate for pumping alkaline and acid vapours and strong oxidants. For operators, Pump Oil B is superior to mineral oils because it causes less damage when it contacts skin.

Rotary Vane Pump Oil K 8

K 8 is classified as a special oil. It is designed for applications that involve the extraction of acid vapours. It is very hygroscopic, which means that it won’t perform all that well with water vapours do to absorbing them from the air. K 8 has an alkaline additive that is used up protecting your pump from acid vapours, so it does have to be changed frequently. It also must be changed if you shut your pump down for very long.

Silicone SI 2

SI 2 is the oil of choice when high durability is needed. Its chemical composition makes it highly resistant to gases that damage other oils or vapours from solvents.

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The Use of Pumps in Firefighting

Pumps are an integral part of firefighting. Here is a brief guide to how they are used on a pumper, more commonly called a fire truck.

Engine companies use a basic form of pump that is used specifically for fighting fires. When the bells and whistles are taken away, it is really just a large pump that has a truck, tools for fighting fires and a hose attached to it. Every fleet has a pumper, making it the most common firefighting apparatus.

Use of Pumps in Firefighting

The cab, where the firefighters ride, is attached on top of a steel frame. The storage compartment and fire pump are attached to the frame. All of the equipment and tools used in fighting fires fit into the storage compartment. Ground ladders can be hidden in a special compartment or they can be mounted on the side of the truck.

The hose bed stores the attack lines and hoses. It may or may not be covered with a tarp. Most pumpers have attack lines that always remain connected and ready for action. The pump panel is one of the most iconic images of a fire truck: it is the panel with all of the knobs, dials and gauges.

Fire Pumps

Fire pumps must be strong enough to propel water with a force strong enough to put a fire out. A pump cannot create pressure by itself; all it does is displace water, creating a flow. Pressure comes from resistance to this flow, such as putting your thumb over a garden hose, shrinking the aperture until it sprays water.

Many different types of pumps are used to fight fires. Positive displacement pumps mechanically displace fluid by trapping a specific amount of fluid and directing it into what is called the discharge stream. Rotary gear pumps and rotary vane pumps use rotational energy to displace fluid. Centrifugal pumps also convert rotational energy to displace fluid, which creates hydrodynamic energy.

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