Tsurumi Bar Screens: Essential for the Wastewater Treatment Industry

Tsurumi Bar Screens: Essential for the Wastewater Treatment Industry

Tsurumi has made a name for themselves since 1924 with their submersible pumps. They are widely recognised as one of the best pump manufacturers in the world. Their commitment to high quality is well-known over a wide range of business sectors.

Tsurumi also makes various other environmental materials for applications such as mining, construction and wastewater. One of their more popular products is their series of bar screens. These are the KE/KS & KW Series.

Tsurumi KE/KS/KW Series bar screens are front-screen, automatic type bar screens that are used in the screening process for wastewater. They are made out of 304 stainless steel, which makes them very corrosion resistant and able to handle media such as wastewater without degrading.

They are constructed with screen bars in the front and two or more rakes behind them. The rakes move behind the screen bars in a full range, meaning that every tooth of every rake moves between the screen bars. Even if solids are stuck between the screen bars, the rake teeth get them out.

The KE/KS/KW Series uses a smaller output motor so electrical costs are kept down. The bar screen can be used in applications such as waterways with variable levels of water.

The KS Series screens have all of those features, but include a mechanism that ensures eccentric roll. Residue can cause clogging or retraction of the screen’s front edge. The KS mechanism prevents the clogging and retraction.

The KW Series adds a safety device that detects any abnormalities in the operation of the gear motor and stops the motor immediately.

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