Tsurumi MG Series Pumps

The Tsurumi MG Series is a series of pumps that is designed for the sewage industry. Tsurumi is known for their submersible pumps, but this series is even better: they are submersible grinder pumps.

They are designed for any effluent drainage application, but are most often used for sewage when the solids are so large that they would normally clog pipes in other pumps. The MG series pumps grind up the solids. This produces smaller pieces and allows the sewage to be transferred through a smaller pipe.

Tsurumi Pumps - MG Series

The grinding mechanism is located in the suction port. This is important because it means the large pieces are ground into smaller pieces before they even enter the pump. Because the sewage has been ground, it can be pumped into a smaller pipe without any risk of the sewage clogging the pipe.

In addition, the Tsurumi MG series pumps feature and empower which helps to prevent clogging. This grinder is extremely resistant to abrasion because it is made of cast chromium iron. Tsurumi has a patented oil lifter that greatly increases the life of the sealing mechanism by stabilising the mechanical seal.

Tsurumi MG Series pumps also feature a thermal protector that turns off the motor in case of excess heat buildup. It is also effective in the case of mechanical or electrical failure. In addition, MG series pumps are designed for high head. This allows them to transfer fluids great distances.

Applications of Tsurumi MG Series Pumps

Because the MG series is designed specifically for sewerage, the list of applications is quite unique and specific. They are used for community sewerage, pressurised sewerage systems, domestic effluent drainage and other drainage applications. These include but are not limited to spinning, paper or food processing factories, exhibition sites and campsites.

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Tsurumi KTZ Pumps for Demanding Conditions

When it comes to submersible pumps, Tsurumi is the biggest name in the business. One of their most popular varieties of submersible pumps is the KTZ Series. The KTZ Series is widely considered to be the flagship line in the submersible pump series.

The KTZ Series features cast iron bodies, combined with high chromium, cast iron impellers. This cast iron construction allows the KTZ Series to withstand the most demanding conditions that can be found in the mining, construction and aggregate industries.

Tsurumi KTZ Pumps for Demanding Conditions

Image credit: www.tsurumipump.com

The KTZ series is among the most versatile in the industry. Impellers, hose couplings and suction covers can be swapped out to reconfigure any KTZ Series pumps for high volume performance or high head.

KTZ series pumps feature dual silicon carbide mechanical seals installed in the oil chamber. Tsurumi has patented an oil lifter which ensures that the mechanical seals will be sufficiently lubricated and cooled even if the oil level drops which in turn extends seal life substantially.

KTZ Series pumps are available with outputs of 1.5 kW to 11 kW. The 7.5 kW and 11 kW sizes feature seal pressure relief ports. This ensures that the seals are not exposed to any pressure other than the pressure that is produced by the level of sump submergence. This is crucial for higher pressure applications because it prevents premature wear and the failure of mechanical seals.

Discharge bore sizes are 50 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm and 150 mm. Smaller models allow for solids passage of 8.5 mm while the larger models go up to 20 mm.

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Tsurumi Pumps Take Steps to Help Avoid Corrosion

Tsurumi Pumps have a reputation for making some of the best submersible pumps in the world. But even the Tsurumi submersible pumps can suffer a shortening of life cycle and efficiency when exposed to aggressive media such as salt water.

One of the more common strategies for fighting corrosion is to retrofit anode blocks while replacing parts. This is necessary because even pumps made of supposedly rustproof materials like stainless steel are susceptible to corrosion when exposed to aggressive media on a daily basis.

Tsurumi Pumps Take Steps to Help Avoid Corrosion

Stainless steel is corrosion-resistant because it has a thin layer on the top called the “passive layer.” It is self-repairing, though on a limited basis, due to its molecular structure. However, that thin layer can be eroded, exposing the cast elements beneath it.

Those cast metals are susceptible to corrosion. The only material that is close to being 100% trustworthy and resistant to corrosion is titanium. Basically, the more aggressive the material in which the pump is sitting, the greater effect it can have on the metal on the outside of the pump.

The Tsurumi Pump Solution

Tsurumi has a solution for fighting corrosion in submersible pumps: retrofittable sacrificial anodes. They are solid place which are made of zinc or aluminum. The anodes are attached to the casing with screws. This causes what Tsurumi calls a bimetal corrosion process. In a bimetal corrosion process, the less worthy metal is the one affected by the corrosion while the more hearty metal is not.

The end result is that the superficial anodes become rusty while the functional parts of the pump are almost totally unscathed by corrosion.

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Tsurumi Tandem Operation Kit Provides More Power for Mining Operations

Tsurumi Pumps is one of the most trusted names in mine drainage operations. They are known for making some of the best products in the industry. With the introduction of their tandem operation kit, they have just taken a major step forward and are even better.

In mining operations, as in construction operations, increasingly higher heads are necessary for drainage as the work progresses. Thanks to the new Tandem Kit by Tsurumi, it is no longer necessary to install a new pump when the requirements for the job have surpassed the capabilities of the old pump.

The Tsurumi Tandem Kit makes it easy to simply add a second pump to obtain higher head.

Who Are Tsurumi Pumps?

Tsurumi Manufacturing Company Limited has been in business since 1924 in Osaka Japan. They are one of the best manufacturers of pumps in the world, especially with their state-of-the-art submersible pumps. They have recently introduced their Tandem Kit to allow for higher heads without having to install larger pumps. This is both cost-effective and labor effective for any mining or construction operation.

Tsurumi Tandem Operation Kit Provides More Power for Mining Operations

Double the Total Head

In mines, where you need high head for draining operations, you often need an expensive pump that is large enough to provide the required output on its own or to create a sump pit to use as a relay point. When you are draining water in a mining operation, space can be extremely limited. Sometimes, the only option is a pump with a slim design that doesn’t take a lot of room.

To solve this problem, Tsurumi created their Tandem Kit. The Tandem Kit is attached to the LH-W and LH series pumps, which provide a slim design, high durability and high head. Both series pumps have proven themselves to be highly effective in mining operations.

The tandem kit allows you to attach two pumps of the same model together in series. When two identical pumps are attached for tandem operation, it can produce twice the total head at a fixed flow rate as one pump by itself. The operating principle is identical to that of a multi-stage pump.

Tsurumi currently manufactures six pumps from 3-30 kW that can be joined with the Tandem Kit. They feature a dual-impeller design. You can easily attach the Tandem Kit to the pumps right at the work site. The maximum head from this configuration when using the most powerful pumps in the series is 254m. With some optional features, you can even obtain a head as high as 400m.

It is sometimes necessary to use pumps that feature pressure relief ports when running in tandem. This prevents direct application of discharge pressure on mechanical seals.

Most of the cylindrical pumps used with the Tandem Kit are structured with a flange in the centre. This allows you to align the discharge piping with the pump’s centre axis. But if you have general pumps where the discharge ports are not in alignment with the centre axis, it causes problems in balancing the connection between pumps. It also makes it harder to install the pumps.

When the pumps are structured along a centre axis, it is easy to balance the pumps in the direction of the centre axis. This allows you to connect two pumps with the Tandem Kit and install them in a hole with a bore of 20-40cm. Occasionally, this may require a connecting pipe.

More About Tsurumi Pumps

Tsurumi has developed an international reputation and a dominant market presence by offering highly reliable, heavy duty pumps that provide continuous operation under the uniquely strenuous operating conditions found in mining and construction operations.

Tsurumi manufactures submersible pumps that can tolerate water temperatures up to 90 degrees centigrade. They also manufacture submersible pumps in which all parts which come in contact with liquid are made of 316 stainless steel.

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Tsurumi Pumps: the Submersible Tsunami?

Tsurumi pumps have developed a reputation worldwide as the go-to submersible pump. Instant not happen by accident. Tsurumi Pumps was established in 1924 and are located in Osaka Japan. They are now one of the world’s largest manufacturers of submersible pumps and have more than 40 distribution centers around the world. We are proud to be Western Australian distributors of Tsurumi pumps.

Tsurumi makes four main types of submersible pumps: corrosion resistant pumps, dewatering pumps, sand/slurry pumps and sewerage/dewatering pumps.

Tsurumi Pumps: the Submersible Tsunami

Tsurumi dewatering pumps are among the most versatile pumps in the world. They can be used to pump clean water or dirty water, with high head pumping or high volume pumping. They are built with silicon dioxide mechanical seals, making them exceedingly durable in even the most adverse conditions.

There is also an anti-wicking mechanism that prevents water from entering the pump in the event of electrical cable damage. They are built to high specifications, making them a popular choice for contractor dewatering. They are available in power gradients from 0.55 kW to 110 kW.

Tsurumi sand/slurry pumps are manufactured to run at speeds slow enough to provide consistent results with the thickest of slurries. They have thermal motor protection, hard metal wearing parts and heavy duty castings and components which are designed to minimise wear and tear.

Tsurumi sewerage pumps range from 15 kW to 110 kW with a discharge of 800 mm. They are built in a wide range to ensure that there is a Tsurumi sewerage pump that is the right size for every job.

Their corrosion resistant pumps are built with AISI 316 stainless steel. For those who need even more resistance to corrosion, the pumps are available in titanium.

Tsurumi Pumps at Pump Solutions Australasia

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