Tsurumi MG Series Pumps

The Tsurumi MG Series is a series of pumps that is designed for the sewage industry. Tsurumi is known for their submersible pumps, but this series is even better: they are submersible grinder pumps.

They are designed for any effluent drainage application, but are most often used for sewage when the solids are so large that they would normally clog pipes in other pumps. The MG series pumps grind up the solids. This produces smaller pieces and allows the sewage to be transferred through a smaller pipe.

Tsurumi Pumps - MG Series

The grinding mechanism is located in the suction port. This is important because it means the large pieces are ground into smaller pieces before they even enter the pump. Because the sewage has been ground, it can be pumped into a smaller pipe without any risk of the sewage clogging the pipe.

In addition, the Tsurumi MG series pumps feature and empower which helps to prevent clogging. This grinder is extremely resistant to abrasion because it is made of cast chromium iron. Tsurumi has a patented oil lifter that greatly increases the life of the sealing mechanism by stabilising the mechanical seal.

Tsurumi MG Series pumps also feature a thermal protector that turns off the motor in case of excess heat buildup. It is also effective in the case of mechanical or electrical failure. In addition, MG series pumps are designed for high head. This allows them to transfer fluids great distances.

Applications of Tsurumi MG Series Pumps

Because the MG series is designed specifically for sewerage, the list of applications is quite unique and specific. They are used for community sewerage, pressurised sewerage systems, domestic effluent drainage and other drainage applications. These include but are not limited to spinning, paper or food processing factories, exhibition sites and campsites.

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