Tsurumi TRN Pumps for Submersible Self-Aspiration Aeration

We have done business with Tsurumi Pumps for a long time. They are a manufacturer that has been in business close to a hundred years and have proven themselves to be among the most reliable, high-quality manufacturers in the industry. Their submersible pumps have become industry standards in many industry segments.

One such pump which has become the standard in the wastewater industry is their TRN series. Tsurumi TRN pumps are submersible self-aspiration aerators. They are used to aerate and mix wastewater.

Their design features a special, semi-open impeller. This design causes negative pressure to be generated around the impeller. This draws air into the water from above the water surface. The air that has been drawn mixes with the water in a process called aeration. Then, the pump discharges the mixture of air and water.

Tsurumi TRN Pumps for Submersible Self-Aspiration Aeration

Image Credit: www.tsurumi-global.com

This process is ultra-efficient at dissolving oxygen because it aerates the water under a high-pressure condition.

There is a limit to how deep each pump can effectively aerate water, but Tsurumi has solved that problem. They offer a stand that is either a standalone product or is used with a draft tube.

The air inlet bores start at 32mm and go all the way up to 150mm. Motor output ranges from 0.75 kW to 40 kW. All TRN pumps are three-phase pumps. The smallest pump allows for the passage of solids measuring 10 mm. The largest pump allows solids passage of 25 mm.

For the smaller pumps, the maximum water depth is 3.5 m. Larger pumps can operate down to 6 m below the surface.

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