Vacuum Pump Applications in the Laboratory

There are numerous vacuum pump applications for laboratories. In fact, if not for vacuum pumps, most laboratories would grind to a screeching halt. Here are some of the many vacuum pump applications in laboratories.

Vacuum Pump Applications - Vacuum Ovens


Aspiration is the use of suction to remove gases, fluids or debris. They can be used for applications such as removing spilled liquids from a bench to removal of specific components after centrifugation.

Cell Harvesting

This is the process of collecting cells from blood or bone marrow in animals and humans. A vacuum pump works with a cell harvester in this process.


Concentrators use a combination of heat, vacuum and centrifugal force to condense and evaporate solvents from analytical and biological samples. The concentrator works with a vacuum pump.


Desiccation is “extreme drying.” A vacuum pump and a desiccation chamber combine to dry materials in a controlled environment.


A vacuum pump is used to move a solution through filter paper. The basic lab configuration is a filtration flask and a vacuum pump.

Freeze Drying

This removes acids, organic solvents and/or water from materials through a process called sublimation. The freeze dryer works in tandem with the vacuum pump.

Rotary Evaporators

Rotary evaporators evaporate liquids by applying heat and reducing the pressure while rotating them in a vessel. The vacuum pump works with a chiller, a vacuum controller and a rotary evaporator.

Solvent Degassing

This removes gases and particles from solvents. It is recommended by instrument manufacturers that all solvents and samples are degassed before being analysed. This can reduce downtime of instruments, optimise instrument performance and extend instrument life.

Tissue Culture

This is the process of keeping tissue in a culture medium alive and growing. The configuration usually consists of a vacuum pump, a liquid trap and a pipette.

Vacuum Concentrating

This process uses a vacuum pump to concentrate research or clinical samples for further analysis.

Vacuum Ovens

Vacuum ovens are used in dental offices to manufacture ceramic dental prostheses. The removal of air prevents cavities in the finished product.

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