Wake of the Flood: The LH Series

When unexpected flooding strikes and you need the perfect pump to remove residual water, Pump Solutions Australasia is here with exactly what you need and the best pumps in Australia. Based in Perth in the western half of the country, we supply a variety of different pumps for any occasion including dewatering pumps for taking care of unforeseen flooding.

Among our different types of dewatering pumps, we have a few notable models that stand out. All of these types of pumps serve the same function, but the LH series pump stands out as one of the best. There are two main categories within the LH series of pumps.

The first is the general dewatering LH series. A three phase motor pump, this model is made from cast iron and is meant for high head water draining. The outward design of the pump allows for it to be operated in smaller spaces because it is cylindrical in shape and the discharge port is at the top of the pump. The constructional design of it also allows it to be installed truly to the centre of gravity. It can also be lifted and moved up or down without the need to disconnect the pump motor from the pipes.

The deepwell pre dewatering LH series is similar to the first, yet has one or two notable differences. It is larger than the former and can be submerged into deeper water or any flooded material. This is useful in circumstances that call for it, such as when the flooding is greater than usual and mine shafts.

Both of these series of models have a number of features with them to ensure maximum performance, an extra-long cable can be added if you should have need of it.

Pump Solutions Australasia takes great pride in its quality of pumps and offers the full backing of our talented staff if any problems should arise.

For more information and any questions you have on our dewatering pumps, especially the LH series, call us at 1300 922 973.