What is the Calpeda I-Mat?

Established in 1990, technology has come a long way. Common people weren’t even allowed to use the internet yet and the idea of a compact smartphone would have been ludicrous and laughable at the time. Computers with 500 mb hard drives were seen as “state of the art.”

Obviously, things are much different now. In the pumping industry, one of the best technological advances has been electronic control for pumping systems. And say, one of the finest is the Calpeda I-Mat.

So, what is the Calpeda I-Mat? It is a system which helps control pump motors at variable speeds. A frequency converter is used to drive the Calpeda I-Mat. It can be used for water supply applications, the transport and distribution of water, water treatment and producing and/or distributing hot or cold water. It allows a wide range of operating modes and applications when it is applied to pump motors.

What is the Calpeda I-Mat


Calpeda I-Mat Features and Benefits

The Calpeda I-Mat has frequency converters that have a software configuration which allows multiple operating modes, making it extremely versatile and efficient over a comprehensive range of applications.

It also features a high capacity heat sink which cools the frequency converter. This operation happens separately from the motor, using integrated fans. The result is a more reliable system.

The Calpeda I-Mat contains a unique built-in safety feature. The power terminals area and the signal terminals area are separated from each other due to the shape of the frequency converter.

Due to an integrated control panel, all parameters can be programmed directly into the converters. The control panel is removable and can be configured for remote operation.

If you want to integrate a number of these units together and allow them to operate in tandem, an optional electronic card is available. This configuration can be used to operate up to five fixed speed pumps and six variable pumps together.

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