Why Ran Pump is Often the Best Choice for an AODD Pump

Ran Pump is located in Istanbul, Turkey. They are relatively new on the scene; they have only been making Air Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) pumps since 2000. But they have been almost meteoric in their rise and now produce an extremely high-quality pump and offer it for a very reasonable price.

Ran Pump For AODD PumpsWe have been affiliated with Ran Pump and owner Gisan Ran since 2009; it has worked out great for them and for us. Most of all, it has worked out even better for a growing legion of satisfied customers.

Why We Like Ran Pump Products

Ran Pump doesn’t yet have the reputation of some of the older companies, but their pumps are incredibly efficient and dependable. The diaphragm housings are bolted, which keeps them free of leaks. This allows them to sustain efficient performance, even at exceedingly high pressures. The air valve doesn’t have to be lubricated; this ensures that operation will be trouble-free.

AODD pumps have qualities that make them extremely versatile and a great choice for many industries. They are self-priming and can run “dry” without sustaining any damage. They are suitable for pumping a wide variety of materials, including chemicals, slurries, solids and hazardous materials.

AODD pumps are air-driven; this makes them flame-proof, allowing them to be used by the mining industry in situations where methane and other gases would be a hazard to other varieties of pumps.

Ran AODD pumps are made of a variety of materials, making them suitable for a wide variety of applications. For example, stainless steel works great for pumping chemicals. Food grade stainless steel is the material of choice for the food, beverage, medical and pharmaceutical industries, because it is the most hygienic and safe material available.

To learn more about Ran Pump or any other pumps we carry, call us today on 1300 793 418. Our customer service is second to none; they can always recommend the best pump for your needs.