A Different Kind of Pump: Plastic Pumps

Though most pumps are made of metal, plastic pumps are superior in a number of ways. Plastic pumps operate the same way as other pumps, but have the defining feature of being made of plastic and plastic-like materials. This design alone creates a number of advantages over pumps made from traditional materials.Plastic Pumps

To start with, plastic pumps are normally lower maintenance, being less susceptible to damage from various kinds of liquids and materials and invulnerable to rust. They are also usually lighter than metal pumps of the same kind and can transmit dangerous or corrosive fluids with no risk of leaking or related accidents.

Teflon is usually the specific plastic polymer of choice due to its stronger and more durable nature. This is especially true in heavier industrial settings, but other types of plastic can be used, such as PVDF, Polypropylene, ABS and Noryl. In harsher environments, plastic pumps are usually cheaper than metal ones due to the fact that specific high grade exotic metals do not need to be used where as plastic will do.

When transporting water via a pump, plastic pumps are also often a good choice. The reason for this is that they maintain the purity of the water more regularly because metal can corrode and trace elements can leak into the water supply. Plastic pumps are normally more wear resistant and therefore reduce any risk of contamination in this way. This is especially useful for the purposes of pumping necessarily pure water. Plastic pumps also make much better submersible pumps for these reasons; that they will not wear or rust in water.

While plastic pumps are better in most instances, there are a few notable disadvantages to using them. They are normaly more susceptible to damage from heat and therefore may have a lower maximum temperature limit. Certain chemicals may also react with the plastic, disallowing use of the material for a pump of that chemical. This being said, plastic pumps are better for water pumps as well as most other materials.

We currently carry double diaphragm pumps made from plastics. Our selection includes the RAN pumps as well as PVDF pumps. Our range in plastic pumps is from 1/4” to 2”. We also carry stocks of aluminium pumps from 1/2” to 3” diaphragm pumps.

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