An Introduction to Filter Technics Pumps and Filters

Filter Technics pumps and filters are designed specifically for industrial filtration. Filter Technics is based in Belgium with branches located throughout Europe. They have been serving the filtration needs of industry since 1992. In that time, they have become recognised as a “one stop solution” to industrial filtration needs.

They offer a concept called “Total Filtration Management,” in which all service and logistics are handled by Filter Technics. Their purpose is to simplify the purchasing process, lower the total cost and ensure that every aspect of your filtration system is optimally maintained and kept fully up to date in technology and compliance.

Filter Technics Pumps and Filters

Our Filter Technics Pumps and Filters Selection

Filter Technics is the world leader in filtration systems. They not only make filters for their own pumps, but they make filters for virtually every major pump brand in the world. We can obtain any Filter Technics product, but since filters need replacement more often than pumps, we handle a lot more of their filters.

Vacuum Pump Air Filters

Vacuum pumps are built to process air by either decreasing the pressure or compressing the air. It is important that the filtration process is reliable to keep moving parts from being damaged. Dust or any other solid particles in the air can seriously shorten the lifespan of a blower or a vacuum pump. Filter Technics air filters are not only fully interchangeable with most manufacturers’ products, they provide superior performance.

Oil Separators

Oil separators are used in “oil flooded pumps.” After the pump has processed oil, they separate air from the oil. Then, they release the air into the atmosphere as the oil is recirculated for further use. Oil separators also remove solids that can contaminate oil.

Complete Filters

Complete filters are used for vacuum pumps and include both the housing and cartridge.

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