Balz VS100 Series Spindle Pumps

We have decided to import Balz pumps from South Africa because they have a reputation for making some of the best spindle pumps in the world. One of their best pumps for general use and dewatering in the mining industry is the VS 100 series.

Balz introduced their spindle pump range in 2001. Because South Africa is a mining hub, they were especially attuned to the needs of the mining industry. Balz spindle pumps are manufactured specifically to adapt to the arduous demands of mining. They work in the toughest conditions while providing efficiency, consistency and durability.

Balz Pumps: VS 100 Standard Pump

Balz VS100 Series

The VS 100 Standard pump is a general dewatering pump. It can handle solids up to 15mm and it can also handle density up to 1.3. It is designed with opposing outlets to help balance the thrust load. This prevents overhung loads, helps the pump run more smoothly, improves the life of the pump bearings and reduces vibration.

In the case of an accidental phase reversal, the impeller cannot be dislodged and the pump is not damaged. Because both the lower and upper bearings are sealed and lubricated for life, no maintenance is necessary.

The patented configuration that seals the bearing housing guarantees that the media being pumped will never reach the bearings.

Balz 100 series standard pumps are made with materials that provide the most protection from corrosion and provide the best wear resistance. High chrome and urethane are used for the impeller, pump casing and suction cover, providing consistent efficiency and durability even in most harsh pumping conditions.

The pump intake is located above the sump floor and the immersion depth is 500mm.

Balz Pumps: VS 100 M Type Design

The M Type version of the VS 100 is built with a radial design. This allows the pump to be extended to it can be immersed more deeply. They can be immersed 600mm and can also be extended in increments of 600mm by extensions.

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