Becker Side Channel Blowers for a Wide Range of Applications

While they may not seem like pumps, side channel blowers pump air, so they definitely qualify. We offer a wide range of Becker side channel blowers for numerous applications.

Applications for Becker Side Channel Blowers

Side channel blowers are used in industry for purposes such as packaging machines, pneumatic transport and vacuum tables. They are also used for aeration in fish farms, galvanisation baths and swimming pools. They are used for extraction and filtering, cabbage peeling and tube mail systems.

Becker Side Channel Blowers for a Wide Range of Applications


Benefits and Features of Becker Side Channel Blowers

Becker side channel blowers are available in single stage and double stage units. Because they are available in so many different sizes and configurations, it is easy to find a custom solution for any of your requirements.

The single and double stage models are available in seven different compact frames each, in capacities of 70 m3/h to 1250 m3/hr. All materials used in Becker side channel blowers are UL approved. The geometry of the connections is the same for the single stage version and the double stage version of any size blower.

Becker side channel blowers feature a configuration in which a smaller side channel blower with a double filter surface helps extend maintenance intervals significantly.

Becker side channel blowers have customisation options that include patented, integrated combinable accessories. In addition, Becker will produce customised pumps for situations in which their standard sizes are not appropriate.

Becker also makes a VARIAIR unit available for all side channel blowers, which serve as frequency inverters.

Becker side channel blowers are extremely efficient; this allows them to provide higher output and flow with the same power capacity in the motor. Their IE3 motors are available in eleven power ratings. Due to their VARIAIR technology, all of their blowers across the entire product line can be configured for higher operating range.

In addition, the temperatures for operation and exhaust are lower than those of most side channel blowers, due to their stunning efficiency.

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