Becker VT Series Oil-less Vacuum Pumps

Becker is an international pump manufacturer located in the US that is well-known and respected for their vacuum pumps. One of their most popular products is their VT Series oil-less vacuum pumps.

Oil-less vacuum pumps are basically compressor pumps that don’t use oil. Because they don’t have any oil, they weigh less, making them a lot easier to move. They are also one of the most reliable pumps in the business. They feature easy maintenance and minimal downtime.

Becker VT Series Oil-less Vacuum Pumps

While Becker is known for their quiet pumps, most professionals cite their oilless pumps as being the most quiet in the industry. They are also known for their efficiency and their long life cycles.

The VT series consists of dry, rotary vane vacuum pumps. Their valves and filters are on the same side, which makes them easier to access. Not only are they designed for minimum maintenance, they are also designed for convenience while maintaining them.

The VT series pumps are 100% dry. Not only are they quiet, but they run cool, ensuring that overheating will never be a problem. Becker pumps have exceptionally long vein life compared to anyone else in the business. The pumps come with inlet filters and discharge silencers. They are direct drive pumps with vacuum regulators included.

The VT Series is designed for industrial use and is versatile, lending itself to many industrial applications.

Best Pumps in Australia

If you would like to learn more about the Becker VT Series oil-less vacuum pumps or any other pump from Becker or any of our many manufacturers, call us today. We import pumps for all applications from simple residential dewatering pumps to giant pumping systems used in water treatment plants.

We have provided pumping solutions for the mining, medical, food, beverage, industrial, manufacturing and many other commercial industries. Not only do we import the best pumps from the best pump manufacturers in the world, we also have a knowledgeable customer service staff who are dedicated to providing you with the best solution for your operation in any industry.

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Becker Side Channel Blowers for a Wide Range of Applications

While they may not seem like pumps, side channel blowers pump air, so they definitely qualify. We offer a wide range of Becker side channel blowers for numerous applications.

Applications for Becker Side Channel Blowers

Side channel blowers are used in industry for purposes such as packaging machines, pneumatic transport and vacuum tables. They are also used for aeration in fish farms, galvanisation baths and swimming pools. They are used for extraction and filtering, cabbage peeling and tube mail systems.

Becker Side Channel Blowers for a Wide Range of Applications


Benefits and Features of Becker Side Channel Blowers

Becker side channel blowers are available in single stage and double stage units. Because they are available in so many different sizes and configurations, it is easy to find a custom solution for any of your requirements.

The single and double stage models are available in seven different compact frames each, in capacities of 70 m3/h to 1250 m3/hr. All materials used in Becker side channel blowers are UL approved. The geometry of the connections is the same for the single stage version and the double stage version of any size blower.

Becker side channel blowers feature a configuration in which a smaller side channel blower with a double filter surface helps extend maintenance intervals significantly.

Becker side channel blowers have customisation options that include patented, integrated combinable accessories. In addition, Becker will produce customised pumps for situations in which their standard sizes are not appropriate.

Becker also makes a VARIAIR unit available for all side channel blowers, which serve as frequency inverters.

Becker side channel blowers are extremely efficient; this allows them to provide higher output and flow with the same power capacity in the motor. Their IE3 motors are available in eleven power ratings. Due to their VARIAIR technology, all of their blowers across the entire product line can be configured for higher operating range.

In addition, the temperatures for operation and exhaust are lower than those of most side channel blowers, due to their stunning efficiency.

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Becker Oil-less Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

Becker is one of the world’s best manufacturers of rotary vane pumps. Their oil-less rotary vane vacuum pumps are used in many Industries, including cabinet making. We would like to tell you about a few of their oil-less rotary vane industrial vacuum pumps.

Basic Becker Rotary Vane Pump Information

Becker oil-less rotary vane pumps are industrial vacuum pumps. Their operation is 100% oil-free. They are designed to be quiet and provide cool operation, despite being oil-less. They are known for their long vane life. They are direct drive pumps which require only minimal maintenance. They include discharge silencers, inlet filters and vacuum regulators.

Becker Pumps Oil-less Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

Becker VT Series Oil-less Rotary Vane Industrial Vacuum Pumps

The VT Series offers open flow from 1.9m³/hr to 40 m³/hr with maximum vacuum of 150mbar. They range from 0.18kW to 1.25kW.

Becker KVT Series Oil-less Rotary Vane Industrial Vacuum Pumps

The KVT series is a step up from the VT series. They offer open flow from 55m³/hr to 129m³/hr. The maximum vacuum is 100mbar. They range from 2.4kW to 4kW.

Becker VTLF Series Oil-less Rotary Vane Industrial Vacuum Pumps

The VTLF is another step up from the KVT series. They provide open flow from 178m³/hr to 498m³/hr. Their maximum vacuum ranges from 200mbar to 250mbar. They start at 4kW and rise to 15kW.

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Becker Pumps: Building a Reputation Since 1885

Becker Pumps are manufactured in two German cities: Wuppertal and Apolda. We are proud to be the sole distributors in Western Australia of Becker Pumps. Becker pumps are currently distributed in 24 different countries via 15 subsidiaries. They were founded in 1885 and have been building a reputation for dependability, durability and cost-effectiveness.

Becker Pumps are also well known for having world class factory support for both parts and service. They are known as being among the best manufacturers in the world of three types of pumps: rotary dry vane pumps, side channel pumps and rotary oil vane pumps.

Side Channel Pumps

Side channel pumps are used for both blowing and vacuum applications. In situations that require high volumes of movement but with low vacuum pressure, side channel pumps are usually the preferred choice. Their designs are very simple, which makes them quiet, cost-effective and dependable.

Side Channel pumps have Inlet filters and relief valves built into them to keep them from overloading. They can produce flow rates between 40 m3/hr and 1080 m3/hr. They are capable of creating maximum pressures of 550 mb and can produce vacuum levels as high as 350 mb.

Rotary Dry Vane Pumps

Becker Pumps: Building a Reputation Since 1885

Rotary dry vane pumps may be the most common pumps in Australia. They are also simply designed and can be used as vacuum pumps, compressors or combination units that have both. They are designed for lower pressures and vacuum levels.

Rotary Oil Vane Pumps

Rotary oil vane pumps are one level of vacuum higher than rotary dry vane pumps.

Variair for Variable Speed Drives

Variair is an option created by Becker which allows pumps to adjust automatically as demands vary. A sensorless variable speed drive is built into the pump and slows the pump down or speeds it up depending upon the level of demand. Especially important when moving from high power consumption to low power consumption or vice versa.

The end results are less erosion and more operation time between scheduled maintenance.

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Why the World Loves Becker Pumps

We are proud to say that we are the sole Western Australian distributor of Becker Pumps. Becker Pumps fit right into our company philosophy of importing the best pumps from around the world. This ensures high durability, high efficiency and almost no downtime. As you know, these are the factors that determine how much money your pumping systems make for you or cost you.

Becker Pumps are made in Wuppertal and Apolda, two cities located in Germany. Becker was established in 1885 and now has 15 different subsidiaries around the world. They are currently distributed in 24 different countries.

Becker Pumps - Rotary Vane PumpsBecker Pumps are used for a host of different applications by hospitals, laboratories, the printing industry, the plastics industry and even cabinet makers. Not only are they durable, dependable and efficient as noted above, Becker Pumps are also backed by some of the best manufacturer-based customer service in the industry.

Becker Pumps are known chiefly for three different pumps: rotary dry vane pumps, side channel pumps and rotary oil vane pumps.

Rotary Dry Vane Pumps

Rotary dry vane pumps are among the most popular in Australia. They are designed simply, which is part of the reason they are so efficient and reliable. They are available as vacuum pumps, compressors or in units that combine both.

Side Channel Pumps

Side channel pumps are also used for vacuum, blowing or a combination of both. They are perfect for low levels of vacuum in high volume applications.

Rotary Oil Vane Pumps

Rotary oil vane pumps are the highest level of vacuum. They can provide output from 20 m3/hr to 630 m3/hr.

Variair for Multi Speed Drives

If your pumps need to be fitted for varying demands, Becker manufactures a control mechanism called Variair. A variable speed drive is built into the pump and controls the output according to demand. This produces seamless transition from high to low consumption or low to high power consumption.

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