Why We Believe in Giving the Best Customer Service

At Pump Solutions Australasia, we don’t just sell pumps; we provide full-service solutions. We believe that our unique situation, from our beginnings to our current position in the industry, enables us to provide the best customer service in the business.

So, how did we become a company that provides such great customer service for so many people? It started in 1990, when we were established as Pumps and Services Australia.

Our Beginning: Pumps and Services Australia

Our founder was a migrant German engineer who specialised in creating large, engineered vacuum pumping systems. He would go on to develop numerous vacuum and hydraulic pumping systems, both in Australia and abroad. He would provide solutions for numerous Industries, including mining, water and manufacturing.

One of our more interesting successes is still in operation today at the Geraldton fish market. We developed the system that transports fish from the boats to the docks. This has done wonders for the Geraldton Fish Market, creating speed and efficiency for fisherman and dock workers alike.

As we begin to diversify, we decided to make the finest pumps in the world available for industrial and residential use in Australia. However, no matter how successful we have been with providing imported pumps to Australian businesses, we have never forgotten our roots as innovators and service providers.

Fast Forward: Pump Solutions Australasia

Today, we are more busy and more successful than we could have imagined in 1990. And we owe it all to the fact that we started out providing service and solutions. As far as we are concerned, anybody can sell pumps. But nobody can provide the combination of quality pumps, innovation, pump servicing, pump maintenance and customer service that we provide.

Pumps in Perth Giving the Best Customer Service

We provide customer service in two ways. First, we provide service and maintenance for all pumping systems, and even if we did not sell them to you. Second, we provide world-class customer service over the phone or in person for anyone who is looking for pumps or services.

The best pumps in the world are useless without great customer service to back them up. It starts when you call us for the first time. We are experts at matching the right pumps from the right manufacturers to the right applications.

Great customer service doesn’t stop after you have paid for your pump, either. We provide a comprehensive list of services and maintenance. We also do everything we can to help you do the job right the first time.

We know that, no matter what size your business may be, you cannot afford inefficiency or down time. We also know that not everyone who calls us is a professional in the pumping industry.

Many of you are project managers, maintenance directors or CEOs who have a lot of work on your plates. We know that, no matter how great you are at your job, it is likely that you have not had the time to become an expert in pumps and pumping systems. It is simply too much to ask from most people.

We Don’t Just Sell Pumps; We Provide Solutions

Luckily for you, there is a solution: Pump Solutions Australasia. At Pump Solutions Australasia, we provide a comprehensive program from installation to maintenance and servicing. We do everything associated with pumps so you can perform other important tasks pertaining to your business without ever having to worry about your pumping system.

It is really that easy. All you have to do is call us and we will take care of the rest. We have the best customer service crew in the business, but we also have access to the customer service departments of the finest pump manufacturers in the world. When you call us, we help you get it right the first time so you don’t have to make costly repairs and suffer unnecessary downtime.

We know downtime can cost thousands or even millions of dollars in extreme circumstances. That is why we do everything we can to make sure that your pumps run smoothly and efficiently from the second they are turned on and why we keep them maintained to manufacturer’s specifications.

To learn more, call us today: 1300 793 418