The Best Pumps and Service in Australia? You Decide.

We believe that we import the best pumps from around the world into Australia and we are proud of it. However, we realize that everybody says they have the best of anything, so we would like to tell you why we are so proud of our products and service.

We were established by a migrant German engineer in 1990. We were then called Pumps and Services Australia. We originally specialized in engineered vacuum pump systems because there was a need for them and no one was doing a good enough job according to our standards. We developed vacuum and hydraulic solutions for numerous industries, Including mining, water and manufacturing.

The Best Pumps and Service in Australia

Our proudest accomplishment from that era was an industry-changing creation at the Geraldton Fish Market in which a vacuum pumping system was created to transport fish from ships to the docks. This system is still in use today.

In 2000, we decided to diversify and use our expertise to reach more people and create more solutions for businesses that needed them. We also used our extensive network of elite pump manufacturers in Italy, Germany, Turkey and other countries to create a selection of the best pumps in the world.

In 2017, we now offer one stop shopping for pumps and services. Most of all, we don’t just sell and service pumps; we create solutions. We also carry a full line of filtration devices and are considered a major supplier in that industry.

So, why do we think our pumps are the best in the world? It is because of the manufacturers we choose to do business with. We know which manufacturers make the best pump in their niches across the world and we have gone out of our way to persuade the best manufacturers to allow us to import their pumps into Australia.

These manufacturers include Lowars, Tsurumi, Speck Pumpen, Fluid-o-Tech, Ran, Becker, Grundfos, Verderflex, Flojet and Filter Technics.

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