Experience the Pump Solutions Australasia Difference

Pumps are some of the equipment that are often taken for granted when in fact, they are used in a variety of industries and perform an almost unlimited number of functions. Ranging from simple to complex, pumps come in many different shapes and sizes. If you are involved in an industry that utilises pumps, then you know that it is important for your pumps to be of the utmost quality and at an affordable price.

At Pump Solutions Australasia, you get both of these and more in the form of at-the-ready support and service.

Experience the Pump Solutions Australasia Difference

Professional Quotes

Even before you purchase the pumps you need for your industry, you begin to experience the Pump Solutions difference. At any given time, we have a team of dedicated and trained professionals who are willing to help you pick out the perfect pump to fit your business and situation. They know all about the plethora of pumps that we have in stock and can help you find the one you need.

In addition, with some of the best prices in the field, we can help you not only find what you need, but at a price that is as good as our products. Quotes are usually available after speaking to our sales representatives.

All-Time Service

What makes Pump Solutions more than just a pump provider however is the service that we offer to our customers. We have a service centre located in Wangara, just outside of Perth, that is equipped to repair any damaged pumps. If you can’t make it to our workshop, we are happy to send a team to your location.

In addition to a wide selection of pumps, we also have any spare parts that you would need, from both domestic and overseas companies, to ensure that the pump remains functioning at maximum capacity.

The Best Solution to Your Pump Problems

Pumps are an important machine to have in many industrial settings, so to make sure that yours is the best it can be, you need a company you can trust to supply and service these pumps. Pump Solutions Australasia stands out from the rest of the pump providers by delivering complete sales support and ready service for any damaged products.

To learn more about the quality of our pump services, please call our Perth office on 1300 922 973.