Fire-fighting Pump Systems from Pump Solutions Australasia

Pump Solutions Australasia carries a full line of water booster pumps for fighting fires in your commercial building. Most commercial buildings have an in-house fire-fighting system because it can save lives and it can save your business from huge losses associated with fires.

Office Ceiling With Fire Fighting SystemWe carry the Lowara Fire Fighting Booster Set according to the European Standard EN12845, which covers the design, installation, and maintenance of fixed fire-fighting systems. The European Standard EN12845 is a set of specific requirements that are approved by the European Committee for Standardisation, or CEN. The CEN/CENELEC internal regulations now have the status of national standards in all European countries, and are a voluntary standard at Pump Solutions Australasia.

We could run a lot of technical figures by you, but the bottom line is that any fire set that is designed and assembled in accordance with EN12845 provides a more consistent and higher degree of reliability. Sprinkler systems that are used for life protection are required to adhere to the European Standard EN12845.

We carry three versions of the Lowara system. We have booster sets with vertical multistage pumps, booster sets with horizontal pumps, and booster sets with electric or diesel engine pumps.

Fire-fighting booster sets are unique, because they lay dormant for years in most cases, but have to provide extreme output in an emergency.

Electric systems have to be hooked up to a separate electrical source, but are consistent otherwise. Diesel engine motors have a fuel tank, and can be relied on even if the electricity goes out.

Ultimately, though, any of the Lowara booster pump systems are as reliable as any system on the market. The vertical pumps are for lighter uses, as they flow up to 240 m3/h, with maximum power up to 37 KW. Meanwhile, the other systems provide flow up to 1300 m3/h, and with maximum power up to 132 KW. The diesel pump provides 145 KW of maximum power.

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