Flojet: Quality Pumps for Numerous Industries

Flojet is an internationally known manufacturer of high quality pumps. They were founded in California in 1975. They are still based in California with offices in Canada and the UK. They manufacture gear pumps and diaphragm pumps for a variety of industries.

A partial list of those industries: food service, beverage dispensing, lawn and garden, agriculture, marine, recreational vehicle, automotive, water dispensing, car wash and general industrial equipment. In particular, they are the most popular products in the marine, recreational vehicle, beverage and water purification markets.

Flojet pumps

Flojet strives to be self-sufficient, using their own moulds to manufacture nearly all of the parts in their pumps. This makes it easy to service Flojet pumps because of easy access to any parts that may be needed.

Flojet is now owned by ITT and is currently under the auspices of their Xylem label. Xylem was developed as an arm of ITT in 2011. Xylem has an aggressive corporate culture of constant technological improvement. Their portfolio of products covers every facet of water technology. They manufacture products for every step of the water cycle, starting with collection, moving to distribution and finally returning it to the environment.

Xylem is a pioneer in providing education and clean water to emerging markets and when disasters happen around the world. They are also giants in testing and analysis of water and in water treatment.

Quality Pumps from Pump Solutions Australasia

Flojet is one of the manufacturers we have chosen to work with us. We chose them because they are committed to high quality and constant research to provide solutions for a wide range of industries.

We also import pumps from many other high quality pump manufacturers around the world, such as Fluid-o-Tech, Speck Pumps (Speck Pumpen), Lowara, Filter Technics, Grundfos, Ran, Tsurumi and Verderflex Pumps.

However, the best manufacturers in the world are only one of the two most important reasons so many companies from so many industries choose Pump Solutions Australasia for their pumps and servicing.

The other reason: our commitment to delivering world class customer service. Nobody gives better customer service than we do. To learn more, call us today: 1300 793 418.