Fluid-o-Tech Pumps: Known for Reliability and Efficiency

Fluid-o-Tech pumps are known for their reliability, efficiency and power. The pumps have been manufactured since 1964, but Fluid-o-Tech has been around longer than that. Franco Andreis established Andreis s.r.l. in 1948, in Italy. In 1964, his son Vittorio Andreis would establish Fluid-o-Tech.

Fluid-o-Tech pumps are known for process innovation and high precision machining. They are popular in the automotive, textile, computing and aeronautic industries. Fluid-o-Tech pumps now represent more than $50 million revenue on a yearly basis and more than 200 employees. At Pump Solutions Australasia, we have been importing Fluid-o-Tech pumps since 1992.

Reliability and Efficiency of Fluid-o-Tech Pumps

Besides the uses listed above, Fluid-o-Tech pumps are used for applications such as reverse osmosis, coffee machines, water circulation and steam generators.

PA Series Fluid-o-Tech pumps

The most popular Fluid-o-Tech pumps are their PA series rotary gear pumps. PA series rotary gear pumps can produce “heads” of up to 180 metres or 18 bar. They can maintain their flow rates at very high ranges because they are positive displacement pumps. Fluid-o-Tech pumps are often made of brass, but stainless steel can be used in situations where the material is aggressive or the utmost in sanitation is mandatory.

PA series Fluid-o-Tech pumps have a great operational range, from the compact pump which can pump 36 litres per hour to large pumps that can pump 2100 litres per hour.

The MG Series gear water pump is a mag drive pump for small volumes at high pressure. They are most often used for cooling precision instruments or in very clean operations such as food and beverage.

Oscillating piston pumps are used for coffee machines but can be used for any application in which a measured amount of a product needs to be pumped.

Pumps in the FPP series are used for fluid proportioning. They employ fixed ratios, making them perfect for food or chemical applications.

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