Gear Water Pump Applications

At Pump Solutions Australasia, we offer a full line of gear water pumps. However, gear pumps are used for more than just water. We would like to tell you how gear pumps work and tell you about some of their various applications.

Gear pumps use the meshing of gears to move fluids. The process qualifies as positive displacement. This means that for each revolution, they pump the same amount of fluid. One of the main uses for gear pumps is pumping high viscosity fluids in the chemical industry. There are two basic designs of gear pumps: external gear pumps and internal gear pumps.

Gear Water Pump Applications

External gear pumps have their gears, called spur gears, on the outside of the pump. Internal gear pumps have an internal spur gear in addition to an external gear.

How Gear Water Pumps Work

Gear pumps have gears that separate on the pump’s intake side. This creates a void, which creates suction. The suction brings the fluid into the pump, where the gears then carry it to the other side, or outtake side, of the pump. The motion of the gears displaces the fluid. Because of small mechanical clearances and a high speed of rotation, the fluid can only move in one direction.

The gears and housing of gear pumps are rigid. This allows gear pumps to pump viscous fluids and operate at very high gradients of pressure.

Some Applications of Gear Pumps

Gear pumps are popular in the petrochemical industry. They are used for lube oil, crude oil, diesel oil, pitch and pure or filled bitumen. They are also used for moving chemicals such as acids, sodium silicate, mixed chemicals, plastics, isocyanates and other dangerous chemicals.

They can be used for paint, ink, adhesives and resins. In the paper and pulp industries, they are used for sludge, latex, lime, kaolin, black liquor, soap, lye and acid.

The food industry uses gear pumps for a host of different applications, including cacao butter, chocolate, sugar, fillers, vegetable fats, vegetable oils, animal food and molasses.

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