Product Spotlight: Fluid-o-Tech Gear Pumps

If you are looking for a gear water pump, we have the best brand in the world: Fluid-o-Tech. As we mentioned in our “manufacturer’s spotlight” post about Fluid-o-Tech, they were established in Italy in 1948 by founder Franco Andreis as “Andreis s.r.l.” Franco would turn the company over to his son, Vittorio Andreis, in 1964.

Fluid-o-Tech Gear Pumps

In 1976, Vittorio expanded his company by creating Fluid-o-Tech. Fluid-o-Tech now has facilities in China, Japan and the US, besides their home location in Italy. They are world leaders in rotary vane pumps, oscillating piston pumps and gear pumps.

At Pump Solutions Australasia, we only handle the world’s best pumps because we know your operation is depending on them. We know that downtime can cost you thousands, or even millions of dollars, depending upon the scope of your operation. When you decide to use only the best, your chances of expensive downtime are minimised.

Mag Drive Fluid-o-Tech Gear Pumps

The Fluid-o-Tech Mag Drive DGM09 series consists of gear pumps that continue the MG200 series. They are built to move clean water and fluids with relatively high viscosity at low pressure. DGM09 pump motors operate with low pulsation. They can handle fluids at temperatures up to 95 degrees Centigrade. They have 8mm suction and discharge ports at the barbed end.

They are used mainly for water purification, condensation removal, water recirculation, spraying and laser cooling.

Direct Drive Fluid-o-Tech Gear Pumps

The Fluid-o-Tech Direct Drive DGM09 series also consists of gear pumps that were inspired by the MG200 series. Like the Mag Drive series, they are also manufactured to move high viscosity fluids and clean water at low pressure. They also have low pulsation. They can handle fluids at temperatures up to 70 degrees Centigrade.

DGM09 Direct Drive pumps are extremely compact; this has made them the “go-to” gear pump in situations where space is at a premium.

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