Grundfos Pumps: Kings of the Hospitality Industry?

At Pump Solutions Australasia, we have provided high quality pumps for a number of hospitality applications in Perth and across Western Australia. One of our major manufacturers for hospitality applications is Grundfos and we are very proud to be their appointed Western Australian distributors.

Who are Grundfos?

Grundfos Pumps Grundfos is a company that was established in Bjerringbro, Denmark in 1945, where their main facility still resides. They operate in 80 countries worldwide and manufacture more than 16 million pumps per year. Grundfos operates an Australian office in Regency Park, South Australia. This is the best of both worlds for us. We get the stability of a respected worldwide manufacturer who has an office in South Australia.

While Grundfos is known mostly for their centrifugal pumps, they provide a full line of solutions for the hospitality industry. They have outfitted operations as small as a bed and breakfast and as large as a major tourist attraction.

How Grundfos Pumps are Used in the Hospitality Industry

Grundfos manufactures pumps that both supply water and process wastewater. Whether it’s a small building or a large, multi-storey hotel, any hospitality operation needs a reliable way of providing water to guests and moving wastewater away from the building. Here are six different applications for Grundfos pumps in a large building.

Air Conditioning

Any air conditioning system requires efficient, reliable water pumps to cool air properly. Grundfos has a long history of providing high-quality pumps to the air conditioning industry that ensure performance and reliability. With integrated controls and frequency converters, Grundfos pumps provide maximum system intelligence, producing low life-cycle costs.

If the pumps in an air conditioning system aren’t perfect, it can detract from every other part of the system, causing breakdowns, downtime and inefficient performance. Grundfos pump systems are designed to provide maximum performance and efficiency while consuming the lowest amount of energy.


While heating isn’t as crucial as air conditioning, it is essential to provide a comfortable environment for guests 365 days a year. Grundfos speed-controlled pumps are externally controlled, allowing maximum flexibility, low costs and optimum performance. The end result is higher comfort levels and lower energy consumption.

Pressure Boosting

Nothing inconveniences guests faster than low water pressure in a high-priced hotel. It is important that pressure boosting pumps provide consistent, reliable performance. Grundfos provides application-based software for their most advanced booster set, with controls such as soft pressure build-up function and proportional pressure function, which can compensate for friction loss in large pipe grids. The system, Hydro MPC, can be controlled remotely from a personal computer.

The pumps used in the system are the Grundfos EI2, a state of the art pump noted for high efficiency and low noise levels. As soon as the pumps are connected to water and electricity, they are ready to go.

Fire Protection

Top notch fire protection can be the difference between a minor annoyance and a disaster in a large hotel. From the most simple pump-driver systems to highly-individualised systems, Grundfos allows hotels to exceed every world fire standard. Their global experience has enabled them to provide the best in fire protection.

Water Treatment

Grundfos offers a full line of water treatment and dosing pumps for anti-corrosion, anti-fouling, anti-scaling and disinfection. Depending on your location, this can be an essential part of your operation.

Wastewater Treatment

Especially in a large building, efficient removal of wastewater is crucial to meeting sanitation standards. Grundfos is an industry leader in wastewater treatment, with a full range of solutions. Grundfos provides a proprietary software called “AUTOADAPT3,” which puts sewage processing for any facility on autopilot.

We Have Your Solution

At Pump Solutions Australasia, we have a full range of pump solutions for a host of industries. Whether you are in the hospitality, mining, manufacturing or medical sector, we go around the world to find the highest quality pumps for your particular area of need.

No matter what industry you are in, you simply can’t afford downtime. That is why we literally go to the ends of the earth to make the most reliable and efficient pumps in the world available for you.

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