Grundfos Pumps: Superior Wastewater Handling

Grundfos pumps are used a lot for wastewater treatment in Australia, especially by the mining industry. This consists of processing the water used in mining operations by removing the contaminants. These contaminants can come from surface runoff, mineral processing or mining operations. Chemical, biological or mechanical processes can be used to remove contaminants from wastewater.

Grundfos Pumps For Wastewater Handling

Grundfos provides world class pumps for cleaning, transporting and handling stored sludge and wastewater by mechanical, biological or chemical means.

Wastewater processing can be as simple as using tanks and relying on sedimentation to separate the components or as complicated as the more refined processes involving chemical and biological applications.

Grundfos provides extremely powerful wastewater pumps that are capable of handling both sewage and effluent drainage from mineral processing and mining operations. Grundfos pumps can also process water from the mining town.

The Grundfos SE line provides corrosion-free materials that help transport large solids and greatly reduce any risk of clogging.

Grundfos flowmakers and mixers provide an energy-efficient, optimum solution for mixing, no matter how large the tank. They create bulk flow that has an almost non-existent risk of dead zones due to extremely consistent flow velocity. They are designed for high capacity and long shelf life, with easy maintenance, easy service and corrosion resistant materials.

The best way to ensure low maintenance and long life spans of pumping systems is to choose the correct material for optimum corrosion resistance when used in your particular application. Grundfos and Pump Solutions Australasia are experts at helping you choose the correct materials for long life and consistent production.

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