How Sydney Reduced Power Costs up to 50% with New Water Pumps

The right water pump can reduce power up to 50% over an improper, old or outdated water pump. Last year, the city of Sydney was able to reduce their power costs by up to 50% in many cases simply by changing water pumps.

The moves were part of an overall movement in Sydney to reduce the use of electricity in their buildings. They embarked upon a program of retrofitting for power and water efficiency. The program extended across 45 buildings, including recreational centres, libraries and even a recycling depot.

Save Power Costs With The Right Water Pumps

Savings, Savings, Savings

The City of Sydney contracted Origin Energy to provide $6.9 million in retrofitting with the goal of saving a total of 6.4 million kilowatts per year. This number would be enough electricity to power approximately 870 households for at least a year. The city will save $880,000 in power bills and and another $160,000 per year in water bills. The net effect is to save power, save water and reduce emissions.

The City of Sydney is already the first government in Australia that is officially carbon neutral. Their aim is to reduce carbon emissions by 70% by 2030. Whether or not you believe in environmental responsibility, the bottom line is that it saves a lot of money while promoting efficiency.

While a lot of the savings were electrical in nature, some of the more important ones involved water pumps. For large buildings and swimming pools, variable speed drives were added to HVAC system pumps to improve efficiency.

At the Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre, they installed eight variable speed drives aimed at reducing the amount of energy that was consumed by the supply and return air fans on the recirculation pumps of the program and leisure pool pumps, the air handling unit and the hot water pumps that supply the boilers.

Why Find the Right Pump

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