Lowara Pumps in the Wastewater Industry: an Overview

We are proud resellers of Lowara pumps for our customers in Perth and across Western Australia. Lowara is one of the leading pump manufacturers in the world. Lowara pumps have a global reputation as one of the most efficient and reliable clean water pumps, but did you know Lowara also manufactures a full line of pumps for the wastewater industry?

Lowara Pumps For Wastewater Industry

Lowara Pumps: a Brief History

Lowara was established in Italy in 1968. Their manufacturing facility now employs more than 800 people and their production area is approximately 45,000 sqm. They became part of ITT industries in 1968. ITT operates under the umbrella of Xylem today.

Lowara shares the ITT philosophy of continuous improvement through research and development. This has allowed them to develop advanced manufacturing methods and innovative design solutions. The short version: they use cutting edge stainless steel technology to produce extremely durable and reliable products.

Wastewater Handling Pumps

Wastewater handling provides a unique set of challenges due to waste matter that can include organic solids and even rags. Through parent company Xylem, Lowara produces a wide range of submersible water pumps that can transport water and solids from residences and businesses to wastewater treatment plants. Lowara also provides pumps which transport water through every process in a wastewater treatment plant.

Lowara offers packaged pump stations that can handle the pressure requirements for sewage handling. Their propeller, mixed-flow and centrifugal pumps are appropriate for storm water and large waste streams. They also offer macerators which reduce large solids and rags into sizes that are manageable for pumping.

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