Product Improvements from Fluid-o-Tech and Grundfos Ring in the New Year

First of all, we’d like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2013. We’d also like to thank the best people in the world for making it a great 2012: our customers.

The New Year is a great time to reflect on the past, learn from it, and look to the future. At Pump Solutions Australasia, we are constantly tweaking and adjusting our product line to meet the demands of the present and future, but we never forget who we were or who we are.

We started in 1990 as Pumps and Services Australia. Originally, we developed hydraulic and vacuum solutions for many different industries, including mining, manufacturing, and fishing. We designed and custom-built an automated vacuum system that the Geraldton Fish Markets would use to vastly decrease the time it took for fish to be transported from the fishing vessel to the wharf to be processed.

In 2000, we decided to stop manufacturing pumps and take advantage of our connections with the finest manufacturers in the world, including elite German and Italian companies, to provide Australians with a wide range of the best pumps in the world.

Finally, in 2008, we would become Pump Solutions Australasia. And now, we are Australia’s leading wholesalers and distributors of residential, commercial, and industrial pumps. We carry an incredible range of pumps for every situation and every need, from small residential buildings to large factories to large water processing facilities.

Two of our popular brands are Fluid-o-Tech and Grundfos. We’d like to tell you about a few changes and new products from both companies. Just as we are tweaking and adjusting our product lines, so are the great manufacturers. Fluid-o-Tech and Grundfos are always on the cutting edge of technological advances.

We’ll start with Fluid-o-Tech. Last year, Fluid-o-Tech changed the profile on their PO/PA 70-400 series pumps. They used to be built with the classic, finned profile, but they are now built with a completely smooth profile. Fluid-o-Tech had already adjusted the rest of their pumps to smoother, sleeker profiles to improve efficiency and aesthetics. The PO/PA 70-400 series is the latest in their product line to undergo this change for the better.

Building on the success of the first generation of their TMFR and TSFR lines, Fluid-o-Tech has produced a second generation of the entire TMFR and TSFR product lines. The first generation was an evolution in the industry, as it integrated a magnetic drive rotary vane pump with what would turn out to be a brilliant improvement: a DC brushless variable speed drive.

Since Fluid-o-Tech refuses to ever rest on their laurels, they have improved the line again for the second generation models, to optimise the series for every possible condition. New changes include a more versatile electronic controller, a lighter and more efficient motor, an external control board, and a wider speed range. The TMFR and TSFR can now adapt to changes in the pressure or temperature of their immediate environments.

Grundfos has also been busy. They introduced the new, Renewable Solar Inverter, which allows pump and pumping stations to operate with nothing but solar power. This allows Grundfos to design and build pumps for situations involving the transport of extremely large amounts of water. Since their pumps can now run on solar power, they can also be installed in more isolated situations, and can be used for the largest jobs in the country.

Since the price of solar panels has gone down over the years, due to increased demand and more efficient production, Grundfos pumps can provide efficient but reasonably-priced solutions to nearly every need.

Grundfos also announced the new range of high-performing axial flow pumps with a feature called the “Unique Turbulence Optimiser.” The line is called the KPL Axial-flow Propeller Pump. The KPL is an axial flow propeller pump that is designed to produce high flow at low head. It has a flow capacity as high as 700 m3/min at a head of up to 9m. It is designed for flood control, but is quite versatile, and can be used for any situation where a lot of water needs to be pumped.

Grundfos custom-builds each KPL pump to ensure cost-efficient performance, and encourages customers to talk to their engineers in the planning stages to ensure that the pump is optimised to each customer’s individual needs. Some projected uses besides flood control: drainage and irrigation, raw-water intake, use in water parks to circulate large quantities of water, filling or emptying reservoirs, and even treated sewage.

Grundfos guarantees high quality, and a product that is both effective and cost-effective. They consider it to be the best value for your money; they individually test and register each pump.

That’s it for now: Happy New Year.