Manufacturer’s Spotlight: Fluid-o-Tech Rotary Vane Pumps

When it comes to rotary vane pumps, Fluid-o-Tech is known by many as the best manufacturer in the world. That’s why we import their high quality pumps to Australia. So, what sets Fluid-o-Tech apart from other manufacturers, especially when it comes to rotary vane pumps? Let’s take a look at Fluid-o-Tech’s history and values.

History of Fluid-o-Tech

Fluid-o-Tech Rotary Vane Pumps in Perth

Fluid-o-Tech was originally founded in Italy in 1948 under the name “Andreis s.r.l.” It was named after its founder, Franco Andreis. In 1964, he handed the reins of the company over to his son, Vittorio, who is still managing it. Vittorio Andreis created Fluid-o-Tech in 1976 to better serve the public. Vittorio has grown Fluid-o-Tech from a family operation to a major presence in the global marketplace, with annual revenues of more than 35 million euros.

In 1976, Fluid-o-Tech concentrated solely on rotary vane pumps and oscillating piston pumps from their location in italy. They now have facilities in Italy, the US, Japan and China.

Values of Fluid-o-Tech

Fluid-o-Tech was built on basic values such as innovation, a commitment to excellence and innovation in their field. They are known for integrity, high quality products and a culture of constant research and improvement.

Currently, they embrace the Six Sigma philosophy in which manufacturing defects are reduced to less than 3.4 for every million units produced. The Six Sigma process encourages “thinking outside the square” through two processes. The first process is called “DMAIC.” It stands for “define, measure, analyse, improve and control.” The second process is called “IDOV,” which stands for “identify, design, optimise and verify.”

What Sets Fluid-o-Tech Apart

Fluid-o-Tech employs advanced R&D and engineering techniques such as partnering with universities and research centres. They use 3-D modeling and maintain a constant focus on developing and innovating products.

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