Pump Alignment for Longer Performance and Life

As one of the largest importers of pumps in Perth and across Australia, we have made a lot of friends or “repeat customers” over the years. We have noticed that some get a lot longer lives out of their pumps than others. While usage and environment play a large role, we have also seen a few cases where the alignment between the pump and the pipes was causing the pumps to labour harder and shortening their life cycles.

Pump Alignment for Longer Performance and Life

The alignment of the pump with piping is crucial in determining how efficient the operation is. The less accurately the pump is aligned, the harder it has to work and the less efficient it is. In the case of slurry or corrosive fluids, a misaligned pump’s life cycle can shorten significantly. In addition, misalignment can cause excess heat or thermal growth. This can have serious implications and consequences.

Don’t “Set it and Forget it.”

The main problem, especially with larger or more powerful equipment, is installing and aligning the pump in one step during installation, then leaving it thinking “the job is done.” In many situations, this can only be considered a “rough alignment.” Because every situation is different, we don’t really have the room to be too specific, but there are a few general principles that apply to most situations.

Make sure that both the piping and the pump itself are supported and that they are in their final positions. They can both move around a bit and settle into flooring, cement or the ground. Both angles can change. We recommend taking whatever steps are appropriate in your case to level the support for the pump and the support for the piping.

They should be rechecked until there is no movement and no space for instability. When the pump runs, both the pump and the piping should be still. If there is any movement of the piping or pump, one or both are misaligned.

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