Pumps and Applications in the Food and Beverage Industry Growing in Australia

Pumps are becoming more important for the food and beverage industry in Australia. This is for a number of reasons. As we become busier on a daily basis and our population grows, there is a growing demand for processed foods and specialty beverages. Food and beverage processing plants are putting out more product, creating the need for more pumps.

In cafeterias, cafes, restaurants and bars, simple machines like beverage dispensers or cappuccino machines rely on pumps to move beverages. In the food and beverage industry, they have to be made to exacting standards because operation must be sterile to be safe for food and beverage.

Pumps in Australia - Food and Beverage Industry

In food processing plants, pumps are used for a variety of substances and processes that may surprise you. They can transport foods and beverages of any viscosity from sausage to baked goods to mineral water.

Extremely precise units are used for metering, adding exact amounts of ingredients such as vitamins, pigments and other additives to foods. This can help process foods such as gelatins, cereals, caramels, mineral water and other soft drinks.

Pumps are used to disperse, mix or homogenise dairy products and margarine. They can be used for the tempering of gelatin or chocolate. They are also used for preparing and drying food at high pressures, such as baked goods, spices, sauces and even baby food.

Pumps are used to treat beverages with O2, S2 and preservatives for wine, sparkling wine or soft drinks. They are used for CO2 when decaffeinating coffee.

In the baking industry, peristaltic pumps are used to help bakers with doughs, batters, liquid sweeteners and fillings. Extremely accurate ones are used in the brewing industry to add precise amounts of yeast and other additives without allowing any cross contamination.

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