Manufacturer’s Spotlight: Lowara Pumps

At Pump Solutions Australasia, we literally go to the ends of the earth to bring you the finest pumps from around the world. One of those brands is Lowara Pumps. We have been reselling Lowara Pumps to Perth since since 1990, but Lowara has been producing quality pumps since 1968.

Lowara is an Italian company that was established in Montecchio Maggiore, Vicenza in 1968. They have two manufacturing facilities in Italy with a staff of 800 utilising 45,000 square metres of facility space. They became part of ITT Industries, a global leader in advanced technologies, in 1997. In October 2011, their operations became part of Xylem Inc, which is a “spin-off” company of ITT.

Lowara Pumps in Perth

In 1997, Lowara was the first Italian company and one of the first European companies to be awarded the ISO Quality Certification for all operations. Their company’s culture is one of continuous improvement, never satisfied to rest on their laurels.

How They Do it at Lowara

Lowara’s legendary high quality and durability are due in large part to their ability to fully utilise stainless steel to its full technological potential. Much of the cutting and welding are now done with lasers, elevating their quality even further. Lowara has developed many unique and proprietary processes and products in hydraulics, materials and water handling systems.

Their parent company, Xylem, is a global leader in Residential & Commercial Water, Water & Wastewater, Flow Control and Analytics.

At Pump Solutions Australasia, we carry a full line of Lowara centrifugal pumps. These are clean water pumps whose main use is drinking water. Lowara centrifugal pumps are self-priming and they have their own, built-in ejector system. They remain primed under nearly all conditions. Their stainless steel build makes them a natural for delivering clean water, due to the high sanitation characteristics of stainless steel.

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Lowara Centrifugal Pumps the Preferred Choice for Clean Water

When it comes to centrifugal pumps for clean water applications, Lowara pumps are as efficient and reliable as any in the industry. Centrifugal pumps can be used for a lot more applications, but the BG series is the gold standard when pumping clean water for drinking purposes.

The Lowara BG pump is close-coupled and self-priming. They have a built-in ejector system and their design guarantees that they will stay primed even if water-dissolved gases are present. The BG pump is manufactured with high grade stainless steel. This makes it durable, sanitary and lightweight but able to provide high performance.

Lowara Pumps For Clean Water

It has a delivery rate of up to 4.2 m3/h and a head that ranges up to 53 metres. The power supply single-phase and three-phase 60 and 50 Hz. Power ranges from 0.37 kW to 1.1kW. It has a maximum total lift of 8 metres and an 8 bar maximum operating pressure. Its maximum ambient temperature is 40 degrees and it can pump liquids of temperatures from -10 degrees to 40 degrees. Its insulation class is F and it has a protection rating of IP55.

The pump body, impeller and seal are made of stainless steel. The diffuser and ejector are made of technopolymer. The mechanical seal is a combination of ceramic, carbon and EPDM. The drain and fill plugs are made of nickel-plated brass. The elastomers are EPDM.

The garden version is available with an incorporated switch, terminal box and handle.

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Lowara pumps aren’t the only superior brand we carry at Pump Solutions Australasia. We carry the best pumps from around the world, including Speck pumps from Germany and pumps from Turkey and Italy.

We know that pumps are something that need to be chosen and installed correctly the first time so you are provided with long service life, efficient performance and minimal if any downtime.

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