Submersible Pumps: How They Work and What They are Used For

Submersible pumps are, as the name would suggest, pumps that can be fully submersed in fluid. They are often referred to as ESP’s or “Electronic Submersible Pumps.” One of the main advantages of a submersible pump, besides the obvious, is that they are not prone to cavitation. Cavitation only happens when there is a high disparity between the elevations of the pump and the fluid surface.

When compared to jet pumps, submersible pumps are more efficient because they push water instead of pulling it. This requires less power to do more work. To ensure their safety and integrity when submersed in water, the motors of submersible pumps are hermetically sealed within the casings of the pumps. This configuration makes sure that no electrical components are exposed to water or other liquids.

Most Popular Applications for Submersible Pumps

While the most popular application for these pumps will probably always be pumping water out of a basement, they are still used in many industries for many different applications.

  • Pumping Sewage: The most efficient way to pump out a septic tank is with a submersible pump. The fluid is transferred, first into a hose, then to storage tanks and finally to a treatment facility.
  • Industrial Pumping: These pumps are also used to pump water out of flooded basements at construction sites or from other work sites.
  • Oil Industry: These pumps are used to pump oil from under the ground to treatment and holding facilities that are situated above ground.
  • Submersible Pumps: How They Work and What They are Used For

  • Borehole Pumps/Deep Well Drilling: In situations where you have to drill deep for water at your residence, the best solution is often a submersible borehole pump. Borehole pumps have the ability to pump water from deep underground into holding tanks for transfer into the home.
  • Irrigation Systems: These pumps can be used to power irrigation systems for industrial or agricultural use.

Our Choice: Tsurumi Submersible Pumps

For most applications, our submersible pumps of choice are manufactured by Tsurumi. They are from Osaka and are known as the finest submersible pumps in the world. Call Pump Solutions Australasia today to learn more: 1300 793 418.

Tsurumi Submersible Pumps Dominate the Industry

Tsurumi is the most prolific manufacturer of submersible pumps in the world. They have been making pumps in Osaka, Japan since 1924. Currently, they have more than 40 worldwide distributors, including us here at Pump Solutions Australasia.

Tsurumi is best known for four different varieties of pumps: sand/slurry pumps, sewerage/wastewater pumps, dewatering pumps and corrosion resistant pumps.

Tsurumi Sand/Slurry Pumps

Tsurumi Pumps Dominate the Industry

Tsurumi sand/slurry pumps are specially manufactured with hard metal wearing parts, thermal motor protection, slower motor speeds, heavy duty castings and heavy duty components that are designed to reduce wear and tear. They can have discharge diameters up to 10 m and generate as much as 75 kW of power.

Tsurumi Dewatering Pumps

Tsurumi dewatering pumps can be used for pumping dirty water or clean water. They can also be used for high head pumping and high volume pumping. Their mechanical seals are all made of silicon carbide, which helps them operate in adverse conditions without undue wear and tear. Their anti-wicking mechanism prevents water from entering the pump in the case that the power cable sustains damage.

Tsurumi dewatering pumps are manufactured to strenuous specifications that help ensure that they can handle any contractor dewatering demands. They provide as little as 0.55 kW and as much as 110 kW of power.

Tsurumi Corrosion Resistant Pumps

Tsurumi corrosion resistant pumps are manufactured with high-grade, cast 316 stainless steel in sizes as powerful as 11 kW. If you need even more corrosion resistance, Tsurumi can make your pumps out of titanium.

Tsurumi Pumps for Sewerage/Wastewater

Tsurumi sewerage/wastewater pumps come in sizes from 15 kW to 110 kW with discharges of 800 mm. There is a Tsurumi pump for every sewerage/wastewater application. Tsurumi offers these pumps with guide rail fitting and duck foot bends or they can be installed as freestanding units.

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To learn more about Tsurumi pumps or any of our manufacturers, call Pump Solutions Australasia today: 1300 793 418.

Underwater with Quality: Tsurumi Submersible Pumps

Pump Solutions Australasia works hard to bring you the best pump options to suit most applications. To accomplish this goal, we offer a variety of different pumps manufactured by the best pump companies in the world.

Slurry PumpsTsurumi is one of these manufacturers, they build many variations and different kinds of submersible pumps. The name says it all; these pumps can operate safely fully submerged underwater. This gives them a wide variety of uses, including draining flooded rooms for commercial use, and general dewatering, slurry pumping, sewage pumping, fire systems and irrigation systems.

Submersible pumps are useful in a number of ways besides being able to be placed directly in liquid. For one, their unique design aids in the prevention of cavitation, a common problem for most surface pumps. In addition, submersible pumps are more practical than end suction centrifugal pumps because they push the product they are transferring, rather than pulling them.

We carry a number of Tsurumi submersible pumps and all are of the superior quality. The main categories are dewatering pumps, sewerage pumps, slurry pumps, and aeration pumps.

Dewatering pumps are primarily used for draining excess water caused by flooding or simply transferring water. There are several different pumps which address most applications.

Sewerage pumps are designed for transporting waste materials often with solids. We carry a number of different models, which vary in size and capacity which cover a very substantial range of pumping requirements.

Slurry pumps are good for pumping abrasive materials and are manufactured out of hard materials to reduce wear and tear from pumping abrasive products. They are some of the most common pumps for mining and industrial use and are among the most powerful of these types of pumps.

Aeration pumps use a unique design that uses air and water collision to oxygenate the water, creating maximum maintainability and functional use. They are a crowning machine from Tsurumi and are among the best of our many excellent submersible pumps.

For more information and any questions you have on our submersible pumps by Tsurumi, call us at 1300 922 973.