Tsurumi Pumps: the Submersible Tsunami?

Tsurumi pumps have developed a reputation worldwide as the go-to submersible pump. Instant not happen by accident. Tsurumi Pumps was established in 1924 and are located in Osaka Japan. They are now one of the world’s largest manufacturers of submersible pumps and have more than 40 distribution centers around the world. We are proud to be Western Australian distributors of Tsurumi pumps.

Tsurumi makes four main types of submersible pumps: corrosion resistant pumps, dewatering pumps, sand/slurry pumps and sewerage/dewatering pumps.

Tsurumi Pumps: the Submersible Tsunami

Tsurumi dewatering pumps are among the most versatile pumps in the world. They can be used to pump clean water or dirty water, with high head pumping or high volume pumping. They are built with silicon dioxide mechanical seals, making them exceedingly durable in even the most adverse conditions.

There is also an anti-wicking mechanism that prevents water from entering the pump in the event of electrical cable damage. They are built to high specifications, making them a popular choice for contractor dewatering. They are available in power gradients from 0.55 kW to 110 kW.

Tsurumi sand/slurry pumps are manufactured to run at speeds slow enough to provide consistent results with the thickest of slurries. They have thermal motor protection, hard metal wearing parts and heavy duty castings and components which are designed to minimise wear and tear.

Tsurumi sewerage pumps range from 15 kW to 110 kW with a discharge of 800 mm. They are built in a wide range to ensure that there is a Tsurumi sewerage pump that is the right size for every job.

Their corrosion resistant pumps are built with AISI 316 stainless steel. For those who need even more resistance to corrosion, the pumps are available in titanium.

Tsurumi Pumps at Pump Solutions Australasia

Tsurumi pumps are the best submersible pumps in the world, but we also carry many high quality pumps from the most respected okay manufacturers in the world. To learn more about Tsurumi pumps or to enquire about our many other pump manufacturers, call Pump Solutions Australasia today: 1300 793 418.