Tsurumi Tandem Operation Kit Provides More Power for Mining Operations

Tsurumi Pumps is one of the most trusted names in mine drainage operations. They are known for making some of the best products in the industry. With the introduction of their tandem operation kit, they have just taken a major step forward and are even better.

In mining operations, as in construction operations, increasingly higher heads are necessary for drainage as the work progresses. Thanks to the new Tandem Kit by Tsurumi, it is no longer necessary to install a new pump when the requirements for the job have surpassed the capabilities of the old pump.

The Tsurumi Tandem Kit makes it easy to simply add a second pump to obtain higher head.

Who Are Tsurumi Pumps?

Tsurumi Manufacturing Company Limited has been in business since 1924 in Osaka Japan. They are one of the best manufacturers of pumps in the world, especially with their state-of-the-art submersible pumps. They have recently introduced their Tandem Kit to allow for higher heads without having to install larger pumps. This is both cost-effective and labor effective for any mining or construction operation.

Tsurumi Tandem Operation Kit Provides More Power for Mining Operations

Double the Total Head

In mines, where you need high head for draining operations, you often need an expensive pump that is large enough to provide the required output on its own or to create a sump pit to use as a relay point. When you are draining water in a mining operation, space can be extremely limited. Sometimes, the only option is a pump with a slim design that doesn’t take a lot of room.

To solve this problem, Tsurumi created their Tandem Kit. The Tandem Kit is attached to the LH-W and LH series pumps, which provide a slim design, high durability and high head. Both series pumps have proven themselves to be highly effective in mining operations.

The tandem kit allows you to attach two pumps of the same model together in series. When two identical pumps are attached for tandem operation, it can produce twice the total head at a fixed flow rate as one pump by itself. The operating principle is identical to that of a multi-stage pump.

Tsurumi currently manufactures six pumps from 3-30 kW that can be joined with the Tandem Kit. They feature a dual-impeller design. You can easily attach the Tandem Kit to the pumps right at the work site. The maximum head from this configuration when using the most powerful pumps in the series is 254m. With some optional features, you can even obtain a head as high as 400m.

It is sometimes necessary to use pumps that feature pressure relief ports when running in tandem. This prevents direct application of discharge pressure on mechanical seals.

Most of the cylindrical pumps used with the Tandem Kit are structured with a flange in the centre. This allows you to align the discharge piping with the pump’s centre axis. But if you have general pumps where the discharge ports are not in alignment with the centre axis, it causes problems in balancing the connection between pumps. It also makes it harder to install the pumps.

When the pumps are structured along a centre axis, it is easy to balance the pumps in the direction of the centre axis. This allows you to connect two pumps with the Tandem Kit and install them in a hole with a bore of 20-40cm. Occasionally, this may require a connecting pipe.

More About Tsurumi Pumps

Tsurumi has developed an international reputation and a dominant market presence by offering highly reliable, heavy duty pumps that provide continuous operation under the uniquely strenuous operating conditions found in mining and construction operations.

Tsurumi manufactures submersible pumps that can tolerate water temperatures up to 90 degrees centigrade. They also manufacture submersible pumps in which all parts which come in contact with liquid are made of 316 stainless steel.

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