What Services Do We Provide?

At Pump Services Australasia, we import the finest pumps from around the world into Australia for a plethora of uses. If you need a high-quality pump for any application, from an artificial heart to a complete wastewater facility, we can get it for you. But did you know we also provide a full menu of services for operations of all sizes and scopes? Here is a list of the services we provide.


We repair pumps in our full-service workshop, located at our facility, located in Wangara, Western Australia. We will repair any size pump. If it is too large to transport to our workshop, we can repair it onsite. We got our start creating vacuum pump systems from scratch and we know most pumps inside out.

Pumps Importer in Perth - Services We Provide


The best way to ensure that your pump remain efficient and that you don’t suffer any unexpected downtime is to have your pumps serviced at the regular intervals recommended by the manufacturer. Most of our clients prefer to have us put them on a schedule so they are on “autopilot” and don’t ever have to worry about missing a scheduled maintenance visit. This gives them peace of mind, knowing that they don’t have to worry about downtime.

Spare Parts for Pumps

We carry spare parts for many popular pumps. If we don’t have them onsite, we can usually find them for you. We have both local sources and overseas sources. If we can’t find it, nobody else can, either.

Sales and Support

As we mentioned earlier, we have a wide selection of pumps from all over the world. We spare no effort at finding the most high-quality pump in the world and bringing them to Australia. We have the best customer service staff in the industry. They are professional, friendly and know all there is to know about pumps. To help maintain that high quality and performance, we provide full support and service after sales, too.

To learn more, call Pump Solutions Australasia today: 1300 793 418.