Why Rotary Vane Pumps are Essential for Espresso

At Pump Solutions Australasia, we carry Rotoflow rotary vane pumps. They are made by Fluid-o-Tech, a world-renowned company that was founded in Italy in 1976.

A rotary vane pump is classified as a positive displacement pump. It contains vanes mounted to a rotor inside of a cavity. The basic design is one circular rotor mounted inside of one circular cavity. The circles can be concentric or they can be offset. The vanes slide out and keep contact with the cavity wall due to centrifugal force. This creates an inlet chamber and a discharge chamber, with fluid flowing from the inlet chamber to the discharge chamber.

Why Rotary Vane Pumps are Essential for Espresso

Besides espresso, rotary vane pumps are used for applications such as hydraulic pumps. In addition, your car or truck may have rotary vane pumps for your automatic transmission, power steering and supercharging units.

Why Rotary Vane Pumps are Popular for Espresso Machines

While they are occasionally used for espresso systems that have reservoirs or reserve tanks, rotary vane pumps are usually used for espresso machines that have a direct connection to a water line. One of the main advantages of rotary vane pumps is that they are nearly silent. Vibration pumps can be noisy and detract from the atmosphere of a restaurant or coffee shop. Rotary vane pumps are preferred in high-quality food and beverage operations.

When a rotary vane pump is engaged, the pressure is almost instant. Other pumps can take a minute or two to “ramp up,” wasting valuable service time. Rotary vane pumps are lower maintenance than many pumps because the motor is separate from the pump. This causes less downtime and less chance for a sanitation hazard.

The other big advantage that usually sways restaurant owners and those who manufacture espresso units: rotary vane pumps have a larger capacity than other pumps used for espresso machines. They can pump hundreds of dollars more worth of espresso each day. This can turn a “break even” proposition into a huge moneymaker.

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