Why We Will Always be High Quality Pump Importers

At Pump Solutions Australasia, we are proud to be exactly what we have been for years: high quality pump importers who provide effective solutions for all of our clients and customers.

We know that high quality usually carries a higher price tag than cheap pumps. But we also know that in operations where pump failure can cost thousands of dollars, the peace of mind and security we can provide are more than worth paying a few more dollars for a high quality pump.

High Quality Pump Importers

We started out in 1990, when we were called “Pumps and Services Australia.” Our founder was an engineer from Germany who built custom engineered vacuum systems. He provided solutions for many clients in the mining, manufacturing and water industries.

However, our most high-profile solution was for the Geraldton Fish Markets, where we pioneered an automated vacuum system to transfer fish from the ships to the wharfs. That system is still thriving today.

In 2000, we decided to expand and diversify our operation. We now provide sales, service and installation of the highest quality pumps from the best manufacturers in the world. We import pumps from Italy, Germany, Belgium, USA, Japan, Turkey and other locations in Europe.

Why a High Quality Pump is Mandatory for So Many Operations

At Pump Solutions Australasia, we don’t just “sell pumps.” We provide solutions for a wide range of industries including: medical, mining, food processing, beverage service, mining, water treatment, HVAC and more.

Most project managers and engineers aren’t looking for cheap pumps; they are looking for high quality solutions that will help enhance their company’s bottom line for years to come. A cheap pump may save a few dollars, but would you like to lose your HVAC system over a few dollars?

For many of our customers, pump failure can cost thousands of dollars. That’s why we have gone around the world numerous times to ensure that we provide the most efficient and reliable pump solution for any operation.

To learn more or to talk to the best customer service staff in the industry, call us today: 1300 793 418.