Xylem Pumps Create Another Innovation for Drinking Water

Xylem Pumps is the parent company for Lowara Pumps. They are one of the largest and most innovative pump manufacturers in the world, so we like to keep an eye on them because their innovations usually have an effect on the entire industry.

One of their more innovative products is the Wedeco Spektron UV series for sanitising drinking water. Recently, Xylem added four new models to the series, extending the series and making disinfected drinking water available to more people.

Xylem - Lowara Pumps Create Another Innovation for Drinking Water

The Spektron series features their Ecoray UV lamps, formulated to deliver shorter warm up time, longer lamp life and the highest efficiency available. Their lamp and ballast combination are designed to provide a higher relative UVC output than the their competitors when they are operated in what they call the “dimmed mode.”

This allows the more efficiency with less money spent on power. The lamps are automatically dimmed according to the dosage needed at any given time. The net savings is estimated to be in the area of 20%.

They provide a dose of UV rays measuring at 40 mj/cm2, which allows them to safely disinfect drinking water. With the added product range, they can now handle flow rates that range from 2 m3/h to 4,000 m3/h.

The system is validated by regulatory agencies in Germany, Austria and the US as providing disinfection that meets their standards.

The Spektron UV series can handle operations of all sizes, including: domestic water supply, large municipal water plants and an array of industrial uses.

They also have a control system that uses the latest sensor technology to maximise efficiency.

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