Becker Pumps: Building a Reputation Since 1885

Becker Pumps are manufactured in two German cities: Wuppertal and Apolda. We are proud to be the sole distributors in Western Australia of Becker Pumps. Becker pumps are currently distributed in 24 different countries via 15 subsidiaries. They were founded in 1885 and have been building a reputation for dependability, durability and cost-effectiveness.

Becker Pumps are also well known for having world class factory support for both parts and service. They are known as being among the best manufacturers in the world of three types of pumps: rotary dry vane pumps, side channel pumps and rotary oil vane pumps.

Side Channel Pumps

Side channel pumps are used for both blowing and vacuum applications. In situations that require high volumes of movement but with low vacuum pressure, side channel pumps are usually the preferred choice. Their designs are very simple, which makes them quiet, cost-effective and dependable.

Side Channel pumps have Inlet filters and relief valves built into them to keep them from overloading. They can produce flow rates between 40 m3/hr and 1080 m3/hr. They are capable of creating maximum pressures of 550 mb and can produce vacuum levels as high as 350 mb.

Rotary Dry Vane Pumps

Becker Pumps: Building a Reputation Since 1885

Rotary dry vane pumps may be the most common pumps in Australia. They are also simply designed and can be used as vacuum pumps, compressors or combination units that have both. They are designed for lower pressures and vacuum levels.

Rotary Oil Vane Pumps

Rotary oil vane pumps are one level of vacuum higher than rotary dry vane pumps.

Variair for Variable Speed Drives

Variair is an option created by Becker which allows pumps to adjust automatically as demands vary. A sensorless variable speed drive is built into the pump and slows the pump down or speeds it up depending upon the level of demand. Especially important when moving from high power consumption to low power consumption or vice versa.

The end results are less erosion and more operation time between scheduled maintenance.

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