Grundfos Pumps for Water Treatment

We import a lot of different pumps for water treatment plants and for the mining industry in Australia. One of the brands we distribute is Grundfos. We covered Grundfos pumps for wastewater treatment in the mining industry elsewhere on this blog. Now, we would like to tell you about Grundfos pumps that can help in the process of water treatment.

Water treatment can be loosely defined as making water safer and more desirable for an end use, such as drinking, mineral processing or mining operations. Grundfos has years of international experience providing pumps for the mining industry based on application, from simple filtering to supplying drinking water for the mining town.

Grundfos Pumps for Water Treatment

Grundfos pumping systems can involve mechanical separation of solids from water through filtration and settling. They can also supply dosing solutions for chemical processes such as coagulation and disinfection or even non-chemical processes such as UV treatment.

Grundfos provides a full range of solutions from simple submersible pumps to end-suction pumps, but their most popular products are probably their vertical multistage centrifugal pumps. Dosing systems can be applied to large or small quantities of water based upon whatever technology is needed. In addition, Grundfos also provides electrochemical and electronic accessories for control.

The most important aspect of choosing the right pump for any mining application is matching the material in the pump to the corrosive agent it will be transporting. Correct choice of corrosion resistant materials extends service life while raising efficiency and reducing downtime.

Both Pump Solutions Australasia and Grundfos pride ourselves in providing the best customer service. We can send an expert to help you choose the correct materials for any application.

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